I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the simplicity of this title. Anyways, if you hadn’t read the last post, either because you didn’t see it or you were too lazy (it was a really long post), I basically went on an overnight field trip with my whole grade to a campsite by the… Continue reading Tuesday.

Tween/Teen Tag

Thank you Crlstle for tagging me! (If you tagged me and I didn’t mention you, I probably didn’t see the post – as I haven’t read ALL the posts in my reader, apologies in advance!) Favorite color? teal-ish like this Hair color? dark brown/black Eye color? dark, dark brown Favorite store to shop at? idk lol, I don’t go out shopping… Continue reading Tween/Teen Tag

Header for Anna

Go check out her blog Uncontrollable Thoughts! Here’s a header, completely free, I made for you because I was bored.  If you want anything changed (if you want to use it, that is) just notify me! Dimensions are 1015 x 276 If anyone wants a header, comment the details and dimensions below! (I’m bored, I’ll just… Continue reading Header for Anna