* Ways to Level Up (Non-Members) *

Here are some ways to level up as non-members! For nons, it’s more difficult than members to level up because members have access to every medal.

1) The easiest way to level up is by doing beach fashion shows.

fantage 27Every time you win a fashion show, you may level up, it depends on your total score. **NOTE: Doing regular fashion shows will NOT level you up (if you’re a non), which is why you should do the beach fashion shows.** 

The medals you receive for doing fashion shows:

fantage 29

Fashion Show Themes Medal: Every time you complete a theme (or score high on), you will level up. The max level is 20 for everyone.

fantage 28

Beach Fashion Contestant: Every time you score high (or win a fashion show), you will most likely level up! As your medal keeps leveling up, it will be more difficult to level it up. The max level is 250 for everyone.

2) Seahorse Catching

The underwater tunnel is located on the Island.

fantage 30

To catch seahorses, you have to buy a seahorse catching costume. There are two costumes.

fantage 31The one on the left is for premium members (but you can buy it with ecoins). (costs 2,500 stars or 2,500 ecoins.) It enables you to catch ANY seahorse, which will help you level up your seahorse catching medal faster.

The one on the right is for nons and anyone can buy. If you buy that costume, you can ONLY catch YELLOW seahorses. You are limited to every other seahorse. Although this still helps you level up your medal, it will be much slower to level up your medal.

Seahorse Catching MedalThis is the seahorse medal. The max level for nons is 50 and for mems, it’s 200. Seahorse catching is a fast and efficient way to level up.

3) Playing Q-Blast

fantage 33

Playing Q-Blast is also another way to level up. Every time you level up in Q-Blast, it adds to your overall level. Tips can be found here: Q-Blast

4) Chez Fantage

fantage 34

Chez Fantage is a restaurant located on the cruise! 🙂 It’s also an easy way to gain some quick levels.

fantage 36These are the different waiter costumes you can buy! All but the one on the far right are for mems. The only one you can buy with stars is the one on the right, but you can use ecoins to buy everything. All costumes are 2,500 stars or 2,500 ecoins each.

To Serve:

  • Purchase a waiter costume.
  • When someone places an order, you go over to the counter, wait for the menu to pop up, and then select the one that your costumer wants.
  • Click on your customer’s table to deliver their order.
  • Clean the dirty dishes off the tables for extra stars and points which goes towards your medal.

The amount of people you serve & amount of tips (stars) you get will help you level up your medal!

The medal looks like:

fantage 37

The max level for non-members for this medal is 20.

The max for members is 50.

5) Veteran Medal

Your Veteran Medal levels up automatically on every first day of the month. Make sure to log in frequently!

fantage 38

Here’s what the Veteran Medal looks like! (Level 40 = 40 months on Fantage.)

6) Participate in Events

Every event that is going on in Fantage usually includes a medal. For example, a recent event is Fantage Blackout 2-15, 7/9-7/22In order to get a medal, you have to collect blue, green, and red lights to create one white light. The more white lights you make, the higher your medal will be!

(Max Levels: Nons: 20; Mems: 30)

fantage 39

7) Do the Daily Quiz!

You can do the Daily Quiz by clicking the icon that says “Mini Quest” near the upper right hand corner.                                                            
fantage 40

fantage 41

Click “Play” to answer basic questions. Your medal level depends on your score from taking the quiz. 

fantage 42

Here’s how the Daily Quiz Medal looks like. The max for nons is level 50. The max for members is 300.

8) Collect Pets!

Every pet you collect will level you up. However, nons can only buy TWO pets using stars, which are the basic Mumbo & Jimbo. Nons can still use ecoins to buy the other pets! So basically there are starred and coined versions of pets. Even though you buy a pet using ecoins, you will still level up either way!

fantage 43

This is the pet collector medal.

9) Collect Pet Treats

Bring ANY pet outside (except the pebble family) by going to your barn & selecting the pet you wish to bring outside. Click “Bring Outside”.

fantage 44

After you bring your pet outside, go collect all 7 pet treats. They are located at:

  • the school
  • the forest
  • the castle
  • pet town
  • mt. fantage
  • carnival
  • beach

You can collect 7 treats per day. Don’t forget to collect them every day! The more treats you collect, you will level up. For example, if you collect 100 treats, your medal will level up. Every time you level up, the amount of treats you need to collect for the next level increases.

fantage 45

fantage 46


*More ways to level up as a non-member will be posted soon!!*

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