Hey everyone! Have you heard of a game called Q-Blast on Fantage? On this page, you can learn about how to play, and some tips for leveling up & being successful.


Q-Blast is located in Downtown, near the far left. The Superpower Shop used to be where Q-Blast is.

fantage 19

Click play which is located on the upper right hand corner. When you click play, you can click  to create a room for people to join. OR, you can join other people’s games by clicking on their game. 


There’s a sign that says “How to Play.” It’s some brief directions on how to first begin playing q-blast.

When you join a game, you have to click READY or else the host can’t start. Sometimes it automatically puts you as ready in a minute. If you are the host and everyone has clicked READY, you have to click the START button.

fantage 20

An example of me hosting a game. 🙂

fantage 21

Basically you use the space bar to place cubes (which are bombs). You use the arrow keys to move around the map. You use the number keys if you want to use  a power-up, but those cost gold.

fantage 22

The next part is “Playing the Game.” Place bombs on the map to destroy objects which you can collect speed, power, and cubes. (It will be explained later.) The objective is to try to bomb the other team. When the other team is entirely wiped out, then you and your team won! Make sure to try to stay alive during the whole game & help your team mates bomb your opponent(s)!

fantage 23

This picture explains the power-ups that you should collect. If you collect a cube, then you are able to drop one extra cube. The laser power-up means you can expand your laser area + 1 (the laser of your bomb) and the other one expands your laser area to the MAX, so you have to be careful where you place your bombs! The power-up with the wings and lightning bolt means you go faster when you collect that power-up. The more you collect, the faster you go!

fantage 24

These are the game power-ups (or game items) that I was talking about earlier. You can only use them if you buy them with gold or if you are a premium member, then you get 10x of each for free on every 17th of each month. To use them, you press 1 on your keyboard (which helps block lasers for 5 seconds), pressing 2 will help you break out of a cube trap (this almost means you can revive yourself if you get bombed). But if you are using this power-up, you have to be quick and fast or sometimes it doesn’t work. Pressing 3 helps you detect where other cube lasers will be for 5 seconds, which can help you dodge the bomb or helping you avoid getting hit by the lasers. To be honest, these game items aren’t that useful, and barely anyone uses them!

fantage 25

The next part is that you can buy a special cube which are trap bombs. These are different from regular bombs, meaning you CANNOT pass through trap bombs. In normal bombs, you can go right through it, however; these type of bombs will block ANYONE, even your own team. You can go pass through your OWN trap bombs. Anyone can buy trap bombs, they cost 500 gold and only last for a WEEK. After a week ends, you can buy it again or choose not to. I’ve only bought trap bombs once. 🙂 ** By the way, the yellow and green bombs are the same thing. The only thing different is the color.


This is just the general story of how q-blast was created! Thanks Gizmo! 😉

These are just the basic instructions for how to play q-blast! More tips & further information will be added so you can have a wonderful experience. 🙂

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