Here, you can find tips and stuff about MyMall!

  1. People usually like to buy coined limited items.
  2. To get more gold, you can put items in your kiosk that are on sale.
    1. To find out what’s on sale, click the MyMall sign in the lobby or in Uptown.
  3. Go to giveaways and sales to get items cheaper.
    1. When you do a giveaway or sale, make sure to make the items cheaper than they usually are.
  4. When you trade, make sure the person doesn’t skam if you’re going first.
    1. Known Skammers
  5. Advertise your items or look for people who want an item you might be willing to sell.
    1. ex. advertising: “WHO WANT ANY?”
    2. ex. specific items: “Anyone selling ____?”
  6. Make sure you are selling your items for a good price.
  7. Make sure the items you buy are at a reasonable price and aren’t way more expensive than usual.
  8. Sell good/popular items because they’re “worth” a lot of gold.
    1. Here’s a list.

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