* Fantage Pet Codes *

*All pets, except for Mumbo and Jumbo can be paid for with stars by premium members.  If you are a non-member but you want a premium pet, you can pay for magic codes with ecoins.

Pebble Family (Starter Egg)

Mumbo: Low light, Medium temp.

Weebo: Medium light, Warm temp.

Jimbo: High light, Medium temp.

Tombo: Low light, Cold temp.

Rumbo: High light, Cool temp.

Cosmos Family (Sunshine Egg)

Rocki: Low light, Warm temp.

Poofi: Medium light, Warm temp.

Sparkli: Medium light, Medium temp.

Charmi: Low light, Cool temp.

Beami: Highest light, Medium temp.

Fairies Family (Orange Star Egg)

Halo: High light, Warm temp.

Lolo: Highest light, Warm temp.

Mylo: Low light, Medium temp.

Ceelo: Medium light, Cool temp.

Shylo: Highest light, Cool temp.

Dinos Family (Spotted Egg)

Bubu: Medium light, Cool temp.

Chloe: Low light, Cool temp.

Tootsie: Medium light, Medium temp.

Bella: High light, Warm temp.

Bello: Lowest light, Warm temp.

Firepuffs Family (Fiery Orange Egg)

Scruffie: High light, Cool temp.

Punkie: Highest light, Medium temp.

Fluffie: Lowest light, Medium temp.

Pixie: High light, Warm temp.

Ashie: Low light, Warm temp.

Cuddlies Family (Olive Egg)

Zoomi: Lowest light, Warm temp.

Feebi: High light, Medium temp.

Kiki: High light, Warm temp.

Leefi: Medium light, Cool temp.

Elli: Lowest light, Cold temp.

Jellies Family (Cloudy Skies Egg)

Bloopie: Low light, Medium temp.

Razzle: High light, Warm temp.

Peachfuzz: Low light, Warm temp.

Jigglie: Highest light, Medium temp.

Goober: Low light, Cold temp.

Aeropuffs Family (Purple Madness Egg)

Turnip: High light, Cold temp.

Spinner: Highest light, Cool temp.

Nana: Lowest light, Cool temp.

Flora: Medium light, Medium temp.

Monko: Lowest light, Warm temp.

Barnacles Family (Red Ribbon Egg)

Chibu: Highest light, Cold temp.

Miku: Lowest light, Cool temp.

Karu: Highest light, Hot temp.

Jombu: Low light, Hot temp.

Zuzu: Highest light, Warm temp.

Feathers Family (Secret Lock Egg)

Rakoon: Low light, Warm temp.

Puffy: Medium light, Hot temp.

Minty: Lowest light, Medium temp.

Snowball: High light, Cool temp.

Lovely: Low light, Cold temp.

Frosties Family (Frosty Egg)

Gilbert: Medium light, Cold temp.

Twinkle: Low light, Cool temp.

Wally: Highest light, Hot temp.

Shivers: Medium light, Warm temp.

Beeker: Lowest light, Hot temp.

Ribbons Family (Pointy Ribbon Egg)

Jojo: Low light, Hot temp.

Yoyo: Lowest light, Warm temp.

Robo: Medium light, Cool temp.

Pogo: Low light, Medium temp.

Bobo: Low light, Cold temp.

Holidays Family (Holiday Egg) *can only be purchased during holiday events

Tom Tom: Low light, Medium temp.

Blizzy: Medium light, Cool temp.

Springy: High light, Warm temp.

Cotton: Low light, Warm temp.

Rosie: Medium light, Warm temp.

Codies Family (Magic Code Only) *acquired by playing pet games

Cody Jr.: 3 Blue Cubes (9 Blue yarn, fabric, and stardust.)

Toby: 3 Purple Cubes (9 Purple yarn, fabric, and stardust.)

Rose: 3 Pink Cubes (9 Pink yarn, fabric, and stardust.)

Learn more on Codies Family here.

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