* Codies *

Codies are a special pet that you can only obtain with magic codes.  But don’t worry!  These magic codes do not require ecoins.  The magic codes for these pets require three different materials you can:

  1. Get by playing pet games.
  2. Buy with gold.
    1. Each material costs 600 gold.

With one of each material, you can make a cube of that color.  When you have three cubes, you can get a magic code that hatches your pet INSTANTLY.

Also, if when the materials are in your inventory, you can WEAR them!  The three materials are body accessories and the cube is a board.  Once you use the items to construct your cody, they will disappear from your inventory until earned again.

*Note:  You will need 9 of each material in order to make one cody.  If you want all the materials and all of the boards also, you will need 13 of each item.

There are three different codies: Cody Jr., Toby, and Rose.  They are just like regular pets and can be taken out, put in your home, collect pet treats, and play pet games!

Screenshot (117) Screenshot (118) Screenshot (119)

You get your magic code by constructing the items together.  To do this, find the Construct-A-Cody-Machine in Pet Town.  When you have all the needed items, you simply click “CONSTRUCT”.

Screenshot (116)

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