Fantage Pets

You can buy eggs to hatch pets!  There are lots of things to do with your pets too!

  1. Take them out on a walk.

    1. If you got the pets with stars, you cannot bring them out after the membership expires.  You are, however, allowed to buy a magic code and make the pet available to take out on walks.

  2. Get pet treats to earn stars and levels.

    1. Here is a link for leveling up with pets.  (Scroll down to 8 and 9.

  3. Play pet games and earn ribbons/medals.

  4. Let them stroll in your house. (Max in house: 5)

    1. Buy food with stars and feed pets.

  5. Get pet-locked items for free!

    1. Pet-locked items obtained while you’re a member still remain usable after your membership expires, meaning you can still wear them as a non.

*Note: Pebble family cannot be taken out because they are “shy” so you will need other pets to participate in most of the tasks.  You can still use pebbles in pet games.

Pebble Family

Screenshot (103)

Cosmos Family

Screenshot (104)

Fairies Family

Screenshot (105)

Dinos Family

Screenshot (106)

Firepuffs Family

Screenshot (107)

Cuddlies Family

Screenshot (108)

Jellies Family

Screenshot (109)

Aeropuffs Family

Screenshot (110)

Barnacles Family

Screenshot (111)

Feathers Family

Screenshot (112)

Frosties Family

Screenshot (113)

Ribbons Family

Screenshot (114)

Holiday Family

Screenshot (115)

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