*Tips n’ Tricks*

Some things you want to have on your blog!


This is self explanatory.  Readers don’t want to follow a blog that has the same exact things as every other blog.  I’m not saying you can’t have things in similar, but I am saying you can’t make your whole blog with only reblogs and hardly any pages.


Yes, activeness.  Try to be updated on your blog.  Follow and comment on other blogs so people see you, and make posts as often as you can.  You don’t have to post every day, but try to post at least once a week, and make your posts interesting!  😉


Everyone has different opinions.  Make your posts for your followers and viewers, not just you.  What I mean is, don’t only post about your blog and how many followers/views you have, but actually post about your daily life, or Fantage, or whatever your blog is based around.  Sometimes you can go off of topic, and that’s fine, just try to make posts that are for the pleasures of your readers.


This is how you act towards others, not just on your blog, but on other people’s blogs too.  When you comment on their posts a lot, people tend to notice you.  But if you only care about your blog and you’re rude on other blogs or you only talk about your blog on other blogs (if that makes sense), nobody’s going to want to visit.  You should be kind and encouraging, find people you can relate to, and make amazing friends!


Don’t make all of your posts only a few sentences long.  Don’t reblog EVERYTHING.  Try to make at least a paragraph in your posts so people can look forward to reading; of course, you don’t want to make posts that will take hours to read either.  😉  Reblogs are fine, especially for contests and other stuff that requires reblogging, but your followers don’t always want to see the same thing from another blog TWICE.  If you are going to reblog, also try to make posts for your followers.

Make sure to use correct grammar.  It’s ok if you use a few slang words in your posts, but as long as it’s something everyone can understand.

  1. this is just ouo so gr8 becoz lyfe ish just 4 awesome pplz
  2. This is just so great cuz life is just awesome peeps!
  3. This is just so great because life is just awesome, people!

See, how 1 is just incomprehensible, 2 is easy to read and very casual, 3 is formal and uses perfect grammar.  Don’t use 1 unless you’re joking around or talking to one person who understands.  You can use 2 (like me lol) pretty often, but don’t go overboard.  It’s a fun, friendly way to talk to your viewers without sounding like a… uh… I can’t find the word. xP  You should use 3 often as well.  People like to read sentences that are comprehendable, but don’t be too picky on people who don’t use every single grammar part correctly.  As long as people can understand what you’re writing, it’s all good. 😉

When writing, you should use italicsunderlines, and bolding to make things stand out when they need to.  Strikethrough is also fun to use when you want to cross something out but want everyone to see, I guess it’s more of a silly way to use (parenthesis).

Blog Appearance

All blogs vary in appearance.  Don’t worry if yours doesn’t look exactly like someone else’s.  Although, most blogs should at least include a nice background, a good color scheme, a sidebar, and menu.  It depends on your preferences, but you should also be aware of what your viewers think your blog should look like too.  For your sidebar, the most important widgets you should at least have are:

  • Search bar
  • Follow button & E-mail follow button
  • Archives/Calendar
  • Recent Posts
  • Blog Stats I guess
  • Anything you feel would make your blog POP!

That’s about all I can think of at the moment, but I’ll add more tips n’ tricks if I feel it necessary.  🙂

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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