Setting Up A Favicon

Alright, this is fairly simple, so follow these quick, easy steps.  😉

1. Go to your WP AdminScreenshot (303)


2. Go to “Settings” (Hover the cursor/mouse over tab.)  Click “General”Screenshot (304)

3. On the right side of your screen, you’ll find Blog Picture/Icon.Screenshot (314)

4. Click “Choose File” and pick out the picture that you want your favicon to be.  I would suggest a picture with lots of empty space so you can crop it and still have everything show. (Note that it will be cropped into a square.)Screenshot (305)

5a. Here’s an example of a picture with almost no empty space.  If you want your favicon to be just the top, bottom, or middle parts of your picture, then it’s fine, you’re safe to click “Crop Image”.Screenshot (306)

5b.  Although, if you want the whole picture to show, like I said, you should find a picture with extra space.

  • 1: Crop so the box is just the right size and frames your favicon the way you want it.  (Too much empty space isn’t the point.  It’s always better to have too much than too little, because then you can chip more off. :P)
  • 2: Crop Image.  You can do this once you frame your favicon-to-be as perfect as you can get it.  🙂

Screenshot (307)

6. Done!  All you have to do is double check by clicking “<< Back to blog options”Screenshot (309)

7. Once you see the picture you have chosen to be your favicon, you know you did it right!  It won’t appear right away, but it should within the next day.  (Hehe, that rhymed.)Screenshot (310)

8.  Here’s what it should look like (ex: my current favicon, not the one I used in the examples): Screenshot (301) < The little icon/picture on the left of my tab.

I hope this helped!  Anything else you need help on, comment below!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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