Changing Your Comment’s Section Title

Wanna change from this:

Screenshot (321)

to this?

Screenshot (317)

It’s super easy, you can do it in just 3 steps!

1. Go to WP AdminScreenshot (303)

2. Hover your mouse/cursor over “Settings” and then click “General”Screenshot (318)

3. Find “Prompt” at the bottom of the page, and write whatever you want to be above your comments section! Remember to SAVE your changes!Screenshot (320)

You should find this message above your comments section the next time  you log onto your blog!  If you’re already on your blog, simply refresh the page! 😉

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

2 thoughts on “Changing Your Comment’s Section Title

    1. If you click “My Sites” it should take you to your Dashboard. If you’re looking for WP Admin, you should find it in your Dashboard or while hovering over “My Sites”.


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