🌏Blog Advertising🌏

I’ll be advertising blogs here!  Request in comments if you want me to advertise your blogs!

Fantage Shimmer Glimmer

Fantage TankerStuffz

Yuki’s Dreams

Pillowful Thoughts

Fantage Otters

Hibiscus Panda

Uncontrollable Thoughts

The Written Word

Unicorns & Glitter & Everything Inbetween

Fantage Mint Candy

Sarah’s Random Rambles

Fantage Chatter

Fantage Headquarter 2

Fantage Pink Kittens

Infinity Dreamer

Fantage Kpop

Island Fantage

Le Blog Of Randomness

Agent Fantage

Over The Moon

Slice of Life

A Fantagian

Bite of Cupcake


The Fantage Press


Peppermint Candies

Perfect Spot

Invisible Girl

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

71 thoughts on “🌏Blog Advertising🌏

        1. A link? Well, when you want to go to a certain site, copy the URL (thing in the address bar). When you make a post, there should be something that looks sorta like a chain that says “add link”. Click that and where it says insert URL (which is the site you want to add) just paste the address you copied earlier. Where it says “add text,” that’s where you write the word/words you want people to click on to get there. If you want, you can check the box that says “open new tab” so that it opens a new tab when they click on the link rather than switching off your page/post. If this is too confusing, I’ll just make a page or post about it.

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