Oh, Gosh!

FISRT, I DON’T KNOW WHO’S STILL HERE, BUT DON’T KILL ME!!!! Okay, I do want to apologize for leaving suddenly for like 3 months, but I have a few petty reasons….. I lost my password… well I forgot it and then some miracle happened and I somehow remembered the login haha…. I’ve been kind of… Continue reading Oh, Gosh!

ALMOST 300!?

Thank you SO MUCH for getting me this far. I’m so grateful to know 296 wonderful people are interested in reading my posts. (Yes, I’m following myself so I can see my posts if there’s mistakes – if that makes sense.) I truly am happy to see that this blog has grown so much, and I… Continue reading ALMOST 300!?

Promotion Day

I realized I forgot to actually tell you guys about the day of promotion (8th grade graduation).  XD  Well, I’m almost three weeks late, but I guess I could tell you about it.  😛 The day was definitely more fun than an ordinary school day, that’s for sure.  We were doing our promotion at a… Continue reading Promotion Day