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Welcome to Fangirl Fandoms, a blog where you can find posts on Fantage, anime, K-Pop, and more!  We love to fangirl on just about anything.  Enjoy looking through the site and all the little details!

We will try to update with as much information as possible.  Enjoy!

Amoore07 ID Fone


{Amoore} (Inactive)

@bout me :

  1. I like to draw and write.
  2. My real name is Alyssa
  3. I am really shy and quiet except around my friends and family even though i dont seem like it
  4. I pizza, nachos and I have to have sugar or i will like die… i have a problem
  5. I love to go different places/explore.
  6. I love the colors pink and green.
  7. I will always smile even people say I always do 🙂
  8. If i do something I have to do it perfect or I literally wont do it.
  9. I like to make edits and upload videos
  10. I love to watch youtube
  11. I love the beach,mountains,lakes i love the water
  12. I like to change my style irl i like to shop like every week
  13. The picture above does actually look me except diff color eyes.
  14. I have 2 pets a bird and a fish.
  15. Ive had almost every pet you could think of.

Some of my pet peeves

  1. I hate it when the tv commercials are louder than the actual show
  2. I hate it when you have a conversation and then someone behind you talks louder than you
  3. I hate it when people tell you something twice cuz they think ur not listening
  4. tbh i hate the noise of blowing your nose like idc if i do it but when other people make that noise its just so annoying (is that weird?)
  5. I hate it when you sit next to someone in class and their pencil when they write just squeaks because they write to hard i just wanna stab them with my pencil like omg stop

Things I like:

1. I like stuff thats super bright (idk why)

2. I like to pop the bubble wrap that you get in the mail

3. i like balloons i just like to hit them weird right?

4. i love music i love to sing and dance even though i suck lol

5. i like when you get a water bottle and put it on your eyes it makes everything blury and big

6.  i like simplynessa15 like my fav youtuber like EVER

Chbannabeth1 ID Fone



Hi everyone!  It’s Annabeth! 🙂

I’ll tell you some things about myself.  I won’t give out anything too personal… obviously.  ❤

  1. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga.
  2. I enjoy listening to music and have been listening to K-Pop for maybe a year now? (Mainly GOT7, but I also like other groups, too.)
  3. I love drawing.  (I mostly draw anime characters.)
  4. I am Japanese and Chinese.
  5. I enjoy reading. (HP and PJO/HOO ftw)
  6. I’m friendly and like to make lots of friends. (And once you get to know me, I will become an insanely ridiculous person.) xP
  7. I can never choose a favorite anime, sorry.
  8. I spend A LOT of time on the internet. I don’t play Fantage as often as I used to.
  9. My inspiration is my Japanese teacher because she’s awesome.
  10. One of my favorite anime characters is Natsu Dragneel. 🙂
  11. I prefer subtitled anime over dubbed.
  12. My favorite colors are blue, black, and green.  (Black isn’t really a color, but whatever.)
  13. I have a younger sister.
  14. I have a rabbit and a guinea pig, as well as some fish.
  15. I get too much homework, or work in general, but I still do it all.

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Some Fantage Facts About Me (For those of you who play Fantage.)

  1. I have been playing Fantage since Sept. 9, 2013, but I took about a year-long break.
  2. Currently, I am a non-member.
  3. My level right now is 1385.
  4. I have 197 buddies.
  5. I will usually be on the first crowded server, but sometimes on quieter servers. Although I don’t play Fantage very often anymore.
  6. I used to visit Anime Clubhouse.
  7. My favorite game is Q-Blast, although it’s not the same as it used to be.  (I don’t play as often as I used to.)
Screenshot (147)
My ID Fone Profile

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If you want to know anything else that isn’t too personal, I’ll answer.  I’ll also try to keep this page updated as much as I can. 🙂

Screenshot (64)


{Kelly} (Inactive)

Active YouTube Channel:


About me:

1) My irl name is Kelly.

2) I like the colors sky blue & pink.

3) I like spending time on the Internet, watching YouTube, finding inspiration, etc.. but lately, I don’t really have time.

4) I only have about 3-4 close friends that I can actually trust. Aye, quality over quantity.

5) I’m really outgoing once I become more close with people.

6) My favorite sport is badminton.

7) I have one younger brother.

8) I’m not really obsessed with anime. But I have a lot of friends who are REALLY obsessed with anime. They would always be fangirling about their OTP’s. xD

9) I’ve always wanted to travel someplace far away with my best friend.

10) I live in New York.

11) I’m part of a community service club at my school. I’ve always wanted to help others in my neighborhood, and spread positive vibes. The people I work with there are very inspirational and we want to make a difference in the world.

Some Fantage Facts About Me

1) I created my account ‘kelly123633’ in March 12, 2012. This account actually is NOT my first Fantage account. I had another account which got banned. To be accurate, I joined Fantage in late November 2011.

2) I have 195 buddies on Fantage. People keep deleting me anyways. xD

3) I’m not obsessed with MyMall, but it’s fun to sell and buy things once in a while.

4) I play q-blast here and then. I don’t play as much as I used to. I’m on level 71, but I’ve gotten worse tbh. xD

Eh, not really much to say. Or maybe I’m actually a boring person. xD I’m trying to focus more on reality but of course I will occasionally be online. Memories stay forever.

(inactive) > (well, she’ll be watching, just not posting hehe) 😉


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          1. Nah, it’s fine. I didn’t expect you to copy, no worries. 🙂 No problemo, you probably don’t need to ask people to use themes provided by WordPress because there’s only so many nice-looking ones for free, but it’s nice that you ask for permission. xP

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  1. Hi there! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award (here) because you truly are one of my blogmates who bring sunshine to my day-to-day life since you started to be in my reader. You may have done this already so I’d understand if you won’t redo this, super ok with me! I just wanna let you know that you are my sunshine @Wordpress!


    1. No, it’s not yaoi, but I think it’s really good! I never expected an anime about volleyball to be so interesting! xP It’s really funny, too, I’ll be glad to hear what you think about it!

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