Poetry Out Loud

So, I’m not big on poetry. I mean, I don’t hate it, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at reciting poems and the like.

However, this week, well more like today, there was a Poetry Out Loud competition.  Basically, it’s a national competition that starts off in your class then moves to the school then the district/county, state, country, or something along those lines.

I was really glad I got to participate. However, I didn’t win the school competition, but hey, I was nominated by my teacher, at least. And no, they didn’t just pick you for your grade, we actually had to recite a poem to be able to qualify.

Anyways, since I participated in the competition today, I got to skip all of my classes! XD Well, it’s not like I just walked around school; I sat in a theatre all day (it’s not comfy) and had to present my poem(s) in front of three judges and quite a few large classes. Yikes! I got to go 27th… I wouldn’t say it’s a terrible number, but I would have rather gone a little earlier because waiting just makes everything more nerve-wracking and it’s hard to enjoy everyone else’s performances as you’re waiting for your impending doom and watching how much better all the contestants are than you.

Overall, I think I did pretty well. I did make it to the top 15 out of the 30-40 competitors, so I guess that’s something to be happy about. I knew I wouldn’t make it to runner up, and definitely not first place. x_x I mean, of course I could’ve done better on my recitations, but we only got, like, two days to memorize the poems? I dunno, I memorized both, but it’s completely different being up on stage versus performing in front of a class.

I’m so glad I got to experience this, though, and got to skip classes. It was really fun, and I enjoyed watching everyone perform! Hopefully next year I get the opportunity to do it again and maybe see if I’ve improved.

Sorry this was kinda short. Any of you have experiences with big competitions (doesn’t have to be poetry)? Share below! And feel free to ask questions (because I know I was very vague in this post)

See ya! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. Thanks for 400 followers! 🙂

P.P.S. The drawing from the previous post was supposed to be old-Yato from Noragami. ;P


7 thoughts on “Poetry Out Loud

  1. danggg that sounds fun
    national competitions are okay imo because i have competed (i think) in about 3-4 and theyre all for math field day lol. in my first one in fourth grade i entered math field day one time (the 5th graders got to enter too so there were 4 4th graders and 4 5th graders representing for our school) and we both won for 1st place geometry and that happened the same thing next year and then the year after that we just completely failed lol
    i havent entered in any ever since rip
    if you place me in a language arts competition i’d probably be really successful but idek if they have competitions like that

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    1. Cool! Congrats for like 4 years ago. xP I’ve never been in any math competitions, and I’m not sure if I ever will, just depends on if the opportunity comes up.
      This national competition was probably one of my first (that I can remember, anyways).
      I’m sure you’d do great! They probably do, maybe your school doesn’t participate though. But I’m sure you could find one outside of school. 😉


  2. Too bad you didn’t win… Oh well. I’ve only competed in one national competition, well I was 9, so it was more like a jr. national competition, and I lost so bad. But someone from my school won for my state.

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