Hahaha… WHATT

Yes, yes, yes, it’s a surprise to see me here, yay! Or not yay!

I’m very sorry, I’ve been so caught up in school… and I know I say this all the time, but it’s true. High school is much more busy yet at the same time much less busy than middle school. How else can I explain it…? (Although, it’s only the first two years that are easy, I hear, but the last two are REALLY tough.) *sigh*


I can’t believe this blog has reached 399 followers especially considering a majority of the past 100 have come while I was sorta absent. I feel so appreciative, and I know I don’t deserve these followers because they are amazing people who expect me to blog… and then I don’t blog. xD

Thank you so much, all of you bloggers, who have given me a fabulous year on WordPress, and thank you to all the new followers who have I have yet to get to know better. Even though I’m kinda busy, every time I check on this blog (and other blogs) it always makes me glad to see that the community is still hanging on to its liveliness, even if by a little.

I know it’s a tough time coming up, with many holidays (even if you don’t celebrate them) and semi-finals (do you have semi-finals?) drawing near, and I congratulate you for pulling through and still being able to blog. It’s a wonder how one can balance two worlds so well. xP

I really hope I’m not diminishing anyone’s expectations. I’m not a perfect person, but sometimes I feel like my inability to make just one simple post really drops myself down low. But aside from that, I will admit that I probably can’t live up to that “one post a week” commitment that I mentioned. I really am sorry, and I wish I hadn’t said that, since I couldn’t go through with it. I’ll look forward to every moment I spend with you guys and not focus on all the times I’ve wasted when I could’ve been blogging but didn’t.

So tell me all the things I’ve missed (okay, maybe that’s too much) or just some of it I guess. Or feel free to not. I guess I’m already way too out of the loop. 😛

Until next time,


P.S. Guess who this is. If you’re the first to get it right, I’ll draw you a sketch of an anime/cartoon character (please don’t make it too complex!!), I guess. 😉 Cuz I totally have time for drawing.

This is my drawing, but I give credit to whoever I based this image on… some screenshot from the anime, I think.



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