I Hate the Doctors

I went to the doctors today – not because I’m sick. It was just like a physical checkup like height, weight, etc. I really don’t like to go, though.

I already know that I’m short, but when the doctor tells me my height, I feel so much more disappointed because somewhere deep down I’m hoping the numbers will be higher than I really am. And I was hoping I grew over the summer – I thought I grew half an inch – but when they measured me, apparently I had shrunk? From 4’10” to 4’9.25″…….. The doctor said it must be a mistake, which probably means I didn’t grow at all. 😦 Hopefully it means that I’m still 4’11” but that’s probably not the case. And to add on to my misery, the doctor said I’m pretty much done growing; I might grow a little bit, but not much.

There goes my dream of being 5 ft. tall…. haha.

Oh and apparently I’m allergic to peanuts… although I’ve been eating PB&J sandwiches recently but there’ve been no affects. And I freakin’ love peanuts, so… yeah, I probably won’t stop eating them… :\

There was some sorta strength test. I’m assuming it’s just part of finding out whether you’re healthy or not. And so the doctor told me to stay still and started pushing things around (like my face or arms) and I had no idea what she was doing, so I just let her push. But… I think I was supposed to resist the pushing…. for obvious reasons.

And you know what… flu shots are horrible. I’m not scared of shots or anything (unless they’re near my eyeballs), but I’m terrified that when they put the shot in my that I’ll jump and screw everything up. Then the stuff will be everywhere it’s not supposed to be and they’ll have to amputate my arm. Alright, that was a bit exaggerated, but I don’t want to be the one who messes up my shots.

Okay, well, trips to the doctors isn’t very interesting. Just thought I’d tell you a little about it. Cuz it sucked. At least the doctor was nice.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


35 thoughts on “I Hate the Doctors

    i’m ok with doctor check ups but i hate it when they check my vision because one time i was checking my vision and i had to say the letters and i couldn’t see even with my GLASSES ON
    i’m ok with shots but i’m also scared if they like inject anesthetic in me and i get kidnapped or something

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    1. I was doing the vision test pretty well and all I could hear behind me (from my mom) was “HOW DO YOU SEE THAT?!”
      Yeah, I don’t think I’ll get my arm amputated. And I don’t think you’ll get kidnapped at the doctors. 😉

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  2. Wait, people get check ups??????? Is that like to see if you’ve contracted some disease that you don’t know about? I think I had to take some kinda shot as a requirement to get into 7th grade, but since it was the first time in around 7 years that I got a shot, I didn’t know how to react :P. I still remember that the doctor stuck the band-aid 2 inches away from where she actually shot me :D. I never knew I would get excruciatingly sore arms afterward tho.

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    1. Yeah, it’s just to see how much I’ve grown. The last checkup I had was 2 years ago, I think. Well, and if you do have any diseases or something wrong with you, they’ll check for that too.
      I think it’s a requirement to get a certain shot before some grades. Shots aren’t really that scary but they do hurt horribly for a while afterwards. 😦

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  3. sameeee im short, i havent grown much!!the doctor says its cos i have got so little iron and stuff, my body spend more time trying to keep me well that it cant grow, so i gotta take iron tsablets if i wanna grow butlike theyre ewwww!im gonna stay short forever, unless my mum goes along with her tablets threat! i hate check up!!i bet we cold start a club, even if we know secretly that theyre good for you!

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      1. TBH IDK my mom is 5’6″ and my dad is 5’11” and my brother is 5’9″. So genetics I think which makes no sense because I drink was too much coffee. Either way I’m the tallest girl in my school and I hate being tall

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        1. I don’t think coffee really stunts your growth though. Sounds more like rumors to me. It probably is genetics. And don’t hate being tall. Just find a dude way taller than you. ;P


    1. I guess they try to give you a shot when you aren’t suspecting it so that you won’t get scared. Although it’s kinda the opposite for me, though.
      Hey, you never know. You might grow quite a bit in the next few years, especially if you haven’t had a growth spurt yet.


    2. If you haven’t had a growth spurt yet you’ll grow… all my friends are having growth spurts and a lot of them are still under 5 feet after the growth spurt. I’m over 5 feet without my growth spurt…. ya

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    1. Yeah, questions are probably the most awkward. Since I’m a teen now, the doctors ask all these weird questions, like, “Do you have depression and think about suicide?”


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