Oh geez, it’s been so long since I posted! I’m sorry! School’s been keeping me really busy. That’s what I get for signing up for an advanced program. :\

It’s almost been a month since starting school, and I would say I’ve gotten more used to it. I honestly can’t believe the month’s passed by pretty quickly, and I’m not sure I can fit all of it into one post. So for now, I’ll just go over the stuff that’s been on my mind the most.

First of all, teachers give no mercy. There’s so much homework and LOTS of quizzes/tests. This is probably one of the main reasons I haven’t been on WordPress at all recently, but I’m going to try to balance schoolwork and blogging better when I get a little more accustomed to the workload..? And it’s weird that the grades are different. In middle school, a 97% or higher is an A+; at this school, in order to achieve an A+, you have to have above 100%. Although, it is pretty easy to earn EC in SOME classes. (We get 5 EC points for each bathroom pass we don’t use! That’s too easy!)

All of the classes are like the regular classes you’d have in an ordinary school, so I won’t go over what I have. Although Mandarin was one choice of 3 that I decided to take. It’s kinda hard though, because there’s only one Mandarin teacher for both the level 1 and level 2 students during the same period. It’s complicated because the level 2 students already know the content and the class has to move much quicker because of the mix. I’ve learned quite a bit, so far, though. 🙂

Gym classes are way easier than they were in middle school. We have two run days, two days where we do the unit (our first unit was weight lifting), and most Fridays are just free for all. I’m so weak, though, so the weight lifting was hard. 😛 At least it’s over now. I think we’re moving on to ping pong.

Enough of my education, though. You probably would rather read about my social life. Which has had a lot of ups and downs despite the short period of time I’ve been in school. I think I’ve already mentioned that I have a different lunch period that most of my friends from middle, but I am glad I made more friends. I used to sit with a few of my friends from middle school who do have the same lunch, but it didn’t take long before some sophomores came; the things they talked about kind of made me uncomfortable, so I moved. The new friends I mentioned earlier, I sit with them now, and they’re very quiet, as opposed to that group of sophomores.

On Friday, we had Club Rush. I signed up for 4 clubs total, although I’m not sure about some of the clubs I joined, but hey, might as well give it a try. I joined Key Club, which is a volunteering club and is apparently nationally known so it looks good when applying for college. I also joined Escape, which is like a stress-relief club where they play games and stuff to get your mind off of schoolwork. (Although, I’m not going to ditch my work or become lazy.) Then there’s Breakdance Club, where they will even teach you to dance if you don’t know how; although they also do hip-hop and similar dance styles. And lastly, please don’t lash out at me, I joined the Anime Club.

Firstly, I want to say that just because anyone joins an anime club does not make them a weaboo, as lots of people tend to see things. I joined because I enjoy watching anime but can’t really talk about it with many people because they don’t like it. I decided to check out what the club is like, and apparently all they do is watch anime and socialize, do some activities and fundraisers, and relax, I guess. It’s really weird watching anime with other people though; they’re so loud and overreact to everything. xD I don’t think I’ve been there long enough to actually decide if I like the club or not. But so far, nobody’s acted like a weaboo or an overly-obsessed fan. 😉

Homecoming is getting closer. I think it’s on October 8. Everyone’s got dates, though, and I’m here like… nobody’s gonna ask me, but I don’t give a care. xP Although, I want to go with a group of friends. Problem is, most of my friends are either going with someone as a date or going with someone (of the opposite gender) as a friend. Nobody asked me to go as a friend, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable going as a date. I think I’d rather talk more about my feelings on homecoming and dating in a different post, though. I might end up not going to Homecoming. Who knows.

For the most part, though, I’m starting to like high school. I’m really looking forward to the club activities and meeting new people. Scared of the homework and tests, though. But those are unavoidable.

I’m going to actually try (yes I know I’ve said this in way too many past posts) to stay active. I actually have a plan now, to post at least once a week. Although I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to read your own posts. Other stuff I’ll probably talk about soon is SacAnime (which I went to LAST week…), Japanese School (started yesterday), and Homecoming (I guess?)

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


17 thoughts on “SCHOOL IS KILLING ME

    1. Haha, sorry you might be reading a few more “scary” high school stories from me throughout the year. xD
      Good luck with your work though. You’ll pull through, don’t worry. 🙂
      And yes, high schools seem so MASSIVE! Eventually you’ll figure out the layout (or at least the places you actually need to go).


    1. Yes, I go to school in America. It might not be that your schools are behind. I’m in a program that has “college level” classes, so that my be why it sounds so stressful. 😉


  1. Take it easy, we were all at some point dying in high school. Then went to college, died a little bit and came back to life. Very alived to pay loans and start adulting. Keep going forward! Nice blog.

    The Road To College

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  2. Reasons to be homeschooled:
    This post.
    Lol school was too easy for me so my mom decided to homeschool me. I do 8th and 9th grade stuff and I’m 12 lol. And also I’m glad you like high school.

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