Art Dump

These drawings were 100% done by me. I did use internet pictures as a reference for some of them, but please know that I did not trace. I trust you not to steal, and I hope you trust me that I did not steal.

As complicated as it might be, I can’t caption these with the way I structured it (and I don’t want to resize everything and such, so… you’re gonna have to scroll up and down a bit).

The 1st image is a chibi of Natsu from Fairy Tail. I did this in a font-making elective last year in 8th grade. I hadn’t posted it until now.

The 2nd-4th images are random sketches I did before school ended. I mean, they’re not the best, but hey, why not put it somewhere where I can look back and cringe at myself.

The 5th image is a drawing of Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu!! I actually only used two markers (obviously black and orange) so there was no mixing or blending involved.

The 6th image is a drawing of Aladdin from Magi, which is probably one of my favorite anime series right now. It’s not one of my best, and after finishing it, I realize the hands aren’t quite the same size… but I can’t really change that now, so oh well.

The 7th image is a drawing of Nel from Bleach. I loved this character (especially when she’s a little kid). I didn’t quite have the right markers, so I hope the blending looks alright to you.

The 8th image is a drawing of Todoroki Shouto from My Hero Academia. It was a real challenge to draw the ice and fire, and I know it looks amateur-like, but I’ve never drawn it before (and I didn’t have the right colors for the ice). Eh, I tried.

The 9th image is a drawing of Krul Tepes from Seraph of the End. Again, I don’t have a wide variety of colors, so I hade to make her dress just one shade of black. Although, I tried to make some parts a deeper shade of black…

I hope you like them! Feel free to tell me which one was your favorite! And leave tips if you have any! (But don’t tell me to get more markers, because I know that already.) xP

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


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