Less Than a Month Left!?


I don’t want to go back to school yet! And if you didn’t get how the title relates to this post, I’m going back to school in less than a month!! 😦

My school starts on August 10th and I really don’t feel prepared for this. I thought I was ready for high school, but as it gets closer, I only feel more nervous. And I’m really scared that I’ll get lost on the first day of school and end up late for all my classes. The building is so big and all the hallways look the same! And I have a horrible sense of direction…

Although I guess rather than stressing in this post, I’ll just think about summer… What did I even do this summer?…

Well, first, I will admit, I did a lot more this summer than I often do. But on normal days I was lazy af and pretty much: slept in til noon, ate lunch, watched NetFlix, watched YouTube, ate dinner, and continued playing around on the internet, then went to bed at 2AM. Sounds like a lot? Not really.

I didn’t even do any reading! :O Yeah, I know I call myself a bookworm (sometimes) and I do read a lot… but that’s really only if I find book/series I’m interested in… Sorry to bring shame to people who read more than me. xD

Oh yeah, I was supposed to go over what I actually DID this summer that didn’t include being lazy. . . most of it was just family trips. You already know about Universal Studios and Disneyland – which I’ll say were too awesome to describe in words! Maybe I’ll talk about it, maybe I won’t. .-. Even though I say I’m trying to be productive and post more lol. I also did a lot of volunteer work with an organization for “youths” (6th-12th grade). And I went camping. A LOT. Seriously, 3 camping trips almost every other week! I was so exhausted.

You know, it doesn’t actually sound like I did a lot. Overall issue is that it all passed by so fast. I was really hoping the summer would last longer. :c

Man, I wish I could be more interesting in my posts, but I’m afraid that if I add more details to all the little things (which I tend to do), the post will become too long (and boring) to read. Or maybe I just need to find a more interesting topic and write when I’m not half asleep.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


21 thoughts on “Less Than a Month Left!?

        1. No, I ended on June 15th but that’s because I had a lot more breaks during the school year.
          I’m going to a new school, so the year will end in May but there won’t be as many breaks inbetween. :\

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  1. man rip
    i start school on September something (LMFAO IDEK WHAT DATE IT STARTS) and going to high school too
    the only type of reading i did this summer was on wattpad

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  2. Your school starts that early? Is it a private school, I know they do whatever they like breakwise, because I’m going into sixth form I have to go in a day earlier, still in September, I feel so sorry for you and good luck starting

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