366 Days + Updates

You know, seeing as how I’ve been away from WordPress (without saying anything I might add), I thought I completely missed my bloggaversary. I decided to come back today and – surprise, surprise – I got a 1 Year Blog Anniversary notification TODAY! I seriously forgot when I started this blog.

Screenshot (491)

Oh yeah, and we got 300 followers! (I know I didn’t do anything about it like I said I would…) Current count: 309 – not including myself

Thanks again, everyone!

Also, for the millionth time (if you actually look at my blog page) I changed the theme of my blog. Yeah, I kinda just change it as I find new interests… which is a lot. Maybe I’ll try to stick to one theme for longer. xD

This theme is from Magi, an anime series I really liked. Although if you ask why I chose this… there’s no specific reason.

Ah, I feel like my posts are getting so boring. Or maybe that’s just because this is a blog update and I don’t have much to say…

I’m going to be writing and scheduling some posts today so I’ll actually be doing something productive. Not that I call my blogging particularly productive. Anyways, I don’t want to bore you more, so I should get back to working rather than watching YouTube.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


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