Promotion Day

I realized I forgot to actually tell you guys about the day of promotion (8th grade graduation).  XD  Well, I’m almost three weeks late, but I guess I could tell you about it.  😛

The day was definitely more fun than an ordinary school day, that’s for sure.  We were doing our promotion at a different campus, so knowing who I am, I actually got lost… Ok, well not totally lost, I just ended up at a locked gate in between the destination and had to go all the way around the campus before actually getting where I was supposed to be. No worries though because it was the promotion practice, and I wasn’t late.

The practice wasn’t too hard, and we got breakfast, too. I ended up grabbing more than I could eat… as I usually do. I don’t even remember what I ate, though. xD

Everyone got their yearbooks, although it bothers me that the school decided to hand them out so late, so we ended up not having enough time to get everyone (including 5th-7th graders) to sign the autographs page. Shame, and it was our last year, too.

Although, lets look on the bright side! We finally got out of middle school and are now moving on to the even more stressful high school. Well, maybe it doesn’t sound like the bright side when I phrase it like that. xP

At the actual promotion, there was a crowd of parents and families. Maybe this adjective is overused, but the event really was bittersweet. We managed to walk in and sit down without messing anything up, at least.

Then, there’s the whole giving everyone their certificates individually on stage, but you probably don’t want to hear about that. Instead, I’ll tell you about the speeches. Ok, that doesn’t sound interesting either… but I won’t tell you the boring stuff, I hope.

Only two people made speeches – they were myself and one other student – because we had the highest grade averages (NOT GPA). I think mine was like 100.7 and hers was 100.8, but we basically got to represent the whole 8th grade with our speeches and talked about moving on to high school and stuff. Wow, I sound so professional…

While we were presenting, apparently the microphone kept going on and off. Although when you’re on the stage talking, you don’t realize it. My microphone almost fell off the stand, so I looked ridiculous as I was trying to fix it… for quite a while.

Oh and you can’t have a promotion without tons of pictures. Yeah, “Parents are worse than paparazzi,” as one of my friends said. I don’t think there’s a single picture where we’re all looking at the same camera. Seriously, we should just have all the parents make a single file line and wait their turn… as the teachers always make students do. xP

I didn’t cry for the reason that the whole thing hadn’t hit me – that it would be the last time I saw some of my friends. Actually, even now, I still don’t believe that myself. The only reason I did start crying was because my mom was crying so hard. xD Good thing I didn’t wear mascara.

When the whole picture-taking fiasco finally ended, everyone kind of just dispersed. My dad asked where we should go to dinner, and I randomly yelled out my favorite Japanese restaurant. And we actually went there, although I didn’t expect my dad to take the suggestion seriously. Did you know I almost put “lol” there… I guess I’m still not out of that habit.

I guess that’s about all I have to say… or maybe that’s because I don’t remember A LOT. Well, that’s what I get for writing this nearly 3 weeks late. I have a TON of posts planned, guess I should actually write them… oh and maybe I should try using that “schedule post” thing more often, that’ll make my life a whole lot easier – maybe.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


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