I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the simplicity of this title.


Anyways, if you hadn’t read the last post, either because you didn’t see it or you were too lazy (it was a really long post), I basically went on an overnight field trip with my whole grade to a campsite by the beach.

On the second day, which was Tuesday – hence the title – we went to a university.  That part wasn’t all that interesting, I’ll be honest.  We only explored the campus for about 15 minutes and we didn’t even get a proper tour with what the buildings were and all that.  It was really just walking around.

The campus was really pretty, though, I’ll give you that.  The gift shops were cool, too.  But geez, sweaters were like, 30-40 dollars.  I remember when they used to be 20 dollars at most.  I guess mass production doesn’t ALWAYS help reduce prices.  xP

Enough about the college though, what was really interesting was the Boardwalk.  There were so many rides and games!  Unfortunately, we only had 4 hours to stay, so we didn’t get to ride much.  Glad it was a Tuesday afternoon, though, so it wasn’t too crowded, and the lines weren’t too long.

On the first ride we went on, one of my friends who’s scared of heights started screaming “Hallelujah Motherf**kers!” practically the whole time.  Ah, geez, friends… XD

On the second ride, another friend was screaming and a bug flew in her mouth… I asked her if she knew what type it was… she answered with a look that said, “Are you stupid, how am I supposed to know!?”  😛

On the third ride, our school took over the whole ride except for 4 seats… by that, I mean that the ride was filled with people from our school.  Oh, and someone lost their hat on that ride… I felt pretty bad for them, it was an expensive hat.

On the fourth ride, we dropped fom 125 feet in the air.  It actually wasn’t that scary.  It was fun, though… but apparently I’m the only one who found it fun.  I was screaming with excitement, and then my friends next to me just sat there, unimpressed.  Like, geez, way to ruin to mood.  *sigh*  Oh, and I left my jacket at that ride and didn’t realize it until just before we left on the bus… I didn’t have time to get it… 😦  Now I just really wanna replace it with this sweater, you know, the one Mark wore in Just Right.  XD  I haven’t lost my love for GOT7.  😉

After that, we went on a few more rides then got lunch and checked in with our teachers.  Some of the group finished eating before me… because I eat like a sloth.  Yeah, I ate really slowly… so our group got split in half and we went on different rides for the duration of the day.  I guess I should’ve mentioned this earlier, but we were free to walk around with whoever we wanted so the groups weren’t specific or set and stone.  Basically, it didn’t matter if the groups got split or whatever.

My group went to a souvenir shop, and I got an awesome beanie, which my teacher joked, “It brings out your ghetto side,” to which I said that I didn’t have one.  I don’t think there’s any way I can be ghetto.  xD  But anyways, we all went on these cable car things up in the air that traveled across the Boardwalk, and I went with the guy who I used to like – and I think he still liked me – but you can hear more about that aspect of my life in another post.  Anyways, people started shipping us… I don’t even remember what the ship name was though.

Anyways, nothing interesting really happened after that.  We just went on one more ride, got some Dip n’ Dots, then went back to the buses.  Ugh, I don’t understand why the exit was on the opposite side of the Boardwalk and why we couldn’t have just gone out the way we came in.  -_-


While we were on the bus, literally everyone wanted water, but nobody had the brains to buy water before leaving, so only few people actually had any.  One of the boys asked for water, so a girl threw a bottle at him.  What happened next was outright stupid.

He missed.  Yep, the water bottle went flying out the window, never to be seen again.

Then, when we were getting close to home, we saw a ton of fireworks stands, and one of my friends was so confused.  She was like, “WHAT THE HECK, IT’S NOT EVEN THE 4TH OF JULY, WHY ARE THEY SELLING FIREWORKS!?”  We all looked at her like she was crazy, and then she realized that the 4th of July was only in 19 days.

Eh, I guess that’s about all the interesting stuff?  I might put the pictures I took in another post.  ;P  And the only good thing about my WordPress break was that I was able to think of a ton of different post ideas.  Now let’s see if I actually pull through with them.

Well, talk to y’all on Monday when I get back from my camp trip with my family!  🙂

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥



16 thoughts on “Tuesday.

  1. I’m scared to go to the amusement park, but my parents force me to do everything they do. They literally grab me and don’t let me go until it’s our turn. TnT I feel bad for the person who lost his/her hat and you for your jacket. 😦 Mark’s hoodie is cute! I want to get a BTS hoodie. :3 Overall, it sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    Have fun in your trip with your family!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, sorry that your parents force you on rides. I can see why the amusement parks seem scary, and I don’t expect every person in the world to go on the rides. xP Yeah, he said his hat was like $40 AND it was his brother’s, sooo… as for my jacket, I think it was a hand-me-down, so I didn’t care TOO much, but I wore it everywhere… and just the fact that I lost it is pretty upsetting.
      Mark’s donut sweater is awesome, and so are the BTS ones! I’d get every GOT7 and BTS sweater/merchandise, but I have no moneyssss. XD And thanks, I’ll try to take pictures if I can!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, it’s no fun to be forced to do stuff. 😥
          Ikr. I honestly wouldn’t spend that much on a hat in the first place though, unless it was REALLY rare or whatever. 😓
          #BrokeBuddies 😅

          Liked by 1 person

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