It’s Been A While + LINE PLAY

Ahh!  I can’t stop apologizing for my absence.  Ok, honestly, you’re probably tired of hearing it by now.  And again, I’m REALLY sorry I haven’t been keeping up with anyone’s posts, school has just been such a drag.  I haven’t even been on Fantage much, so some of you might not have seen a lot from me for quite a while.

State testing is in 2 weeks, and if I had to be honest, I’m not TOO stressed out.  😂  They’re still piling on the homework, claiming that it’s “just preparation” for the test, although I don’t understand why their preparation has to come in such large quantities.  Geez.  xD

Anyways, I just came to stop by, say hi.  I finished homework early (for once in a blue moon) so I thought what’s better than making a post?  😜

… about a new game Yuki introduced to me?

Yes, this game is called LINE PLAY.  It is a free app (you don’t even need an account, as long as you don’t delete it from your phone) and it’s really addicting. xP

I don’t really know how to explain it because I only started playing not long ago.  If you were considering joining, here’s my code you can input when you sign up for an extra currency start: SH-5222-5901.  My username is _Emilia_, although I might change it, who knows.  Other WordPress bloggers I know are Min Yuki (Yuki) and 🌸fluffy-pancakees (Mangos).

If you join and you need help, I’ll try my best to guide you, but keep in mind, I’m not an expert at this game either. >.<

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!  Until next time!  😉

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


33 thoughts on “It’s Been A While + LINE PLAY

    1. Back for a little bit, so long as I don’t get extreme amounts of homework for the rest of the school year. I’m sad I’ve been so inactive, but I don’t even have time to read a few posts, otherwise I’ll be staying up later than I already should (I’m already staying up too late as it is)…. I hope things get a little… less busy. XD

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  1. gotta add you when I unban Lily 😛 May 27
    and my user name is Lilyanno (I FEEL LIKE SOME PEOPLE FORGOT lmao)
    I miss chu Anna !!!!

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