Tween/Teen Tag

Thank you Crlstle for tagging me! (If you tagged me and I didn’t mention you, I probably didn’t see the post – as I haven’t read ALL the posts in my reader, apologies in advance!)


  1. Favorite color? teal-ish like this
  2. Hair color? dark brown/black
  3. Eye color? dark, dark brown
  4. Favorite store to shop at? idk lol, I don’t go out shopping much.
  5. Celebrity crush? none, sorry
  6. Favorite band? GOT7
  7. Favorite Viner/Youtuber/Social Media(er)? none… I like Mark Crilley, Dan and Phil, and The Anime Man.
  8. Pet peeve (something that really bothers you)? lots… one of them being when people listen to me for about 2 seconds and stop when I’m trying to tell them something important.
  9. Shoe size? 3-4, depending on the brand.  Sad, because I’m 14 and I have tiny feet.
  10. Most used emoji (click here for all emoji’s)?  ← Probably this one.

Sorry, still in school.  It’ll be a while until I can read all of the posts in my Reader and post daily again.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


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