Whoo! I’m Back!

Ok, well, I got home yesterday, but eh, too lazy to post.  I saw Zootopia for a first time and Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a second time.  But that’s for another post, I guess.

Anyways, it was pretty fun!  Unfortunately, my phone died and I didn’t get to take any pictures.

Well, the drive was about 2 and a half hours, and I wasn’t allowed to sleep on the way there because I had to help my mom with the directions, as we had never been to that camp before.  We successfully got there without getting lost, though, so that’s good.  Along the drive, I spotted two dead raccoons…ew.

When we arrived there, we set up the tent.  It was fairly easy, and we managed to get all of our stuff up and ready for the next two days before the other group (who we were camping with) arrived.  Once they did, they set up all of their stuff, blah blah blah, not that interesting. xD

Our neighbors were really nice.  They let us sit around their fire and helped out with a lot of setting up.  Apparently one of our neighbors works right across from my uncle.  Wow.  They were camping with some family members as well, so my cousin had people to play with.

For all of the second day, we explored a small town nearby.  It was kinda like one of those “olden” towns where it looks kinda like you traveled to the past.  We got tons of candy, went on a stagecoach ride, and had ice cream!  Well, we also explored the shops and climbed rocks. xP  Oh!  And we took a picture dressed as cowgirls.  I got to hold a pistol, a fake one, of course.  Although, I can’t show you the picture because it has my face. XD

Ah, well, the rest of the day was just exploring the town.  Not much to tell you.  But one thing that happened was after we got some Sarsaparilla (tastes like root beer).  So here’s what happened:

We were walking down the street, and our camping neighbors happened to run into us.  Funny enough, not all of us had introduced ourselves.  They first asked my sister what her name was.  Because she has anxiety, she was extremely uncomfortable around these “strangers” and didn’t answer, but gave them a blank stare.  My aunt started joking and said my sister was imported from China and didn’t know any English.  The other campers were gullible and seriously believed that, so they started speaking REALLY slowly.  I was cracking up behind them, like oh my geez it was hilarious.

Well, apart from that, nothing much else happened.  The town had a bunch to explore and a school up the hill a few blocks away.

Oh and did I tell you it was 34°F (almost freezing) at night… wow, I’m so not used to the cold.  There was hail, which then turned to snow.  It was my second time ever seeing snow!  Yeah, I know, kinda sad.  It doesn’t snow where I live, temp to high.  😦

Well, this post has already gotten quite long.  Long story short, I had a pretty fun time and we managed to not get lost to the camp and back home.  I’m here now and I’ll start catching up on posts tomorrow!  I have about half a week of spring break left, going back to school Monday! *sigh*

Wait, I’d rather end this post on a good note.  I’m glad to be home! 😛

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. I changed the blog look.  Like it?


27 thoughts on “Whoo! I’m Back!

  1. Seems like you had fun! You wouldn’t believe how much it snows here although now that it’s spring, it’s okay-ishly warm. Last year, it was still snowing through May. :/
    I love your new blog look as well!

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