I’m Going Camping!

Alright, so I might have hinted a little that I wouldn’t be here Sunday – Tuesday, and this is the reason.  I’m going camping, so I’ll be gone tomorrow and Monday, as well as most of Tuesday.  Since I’ll be packing today, I might not be on WordPress as much, but I’ll still be here…

I don’t know if there’s wifi at the camp, so I most likely won’t be able to access my notifications.  I’ll try to take pictures to post (of course, there won’t be any pictures with people for reasons you probably have figured out).

I hear there’s a pool (which I’m not going to swim in because I hate public pools), a playground (haha, I can scare the little children! Jk jk), a stagecoach ride, a mini-town (with tons of shops and ice cream!), and some activities.

I’m just going to bring some manga and a sketchbook to occupy my time, and probably a book if I can find one I haven’t read… or I could reread one. 😛  Either way, I’ll make sure I find something to do. 😉

Oh yeah, and I won’t be posting.  Even if there happens to be wifi, I’m gonna try to spend my trip without being on my phone 24/7 (apart from taking pictures).  So I’m announcing my absence today, you won’t be seeing me on other blogs for a few days, either.  And sorry, I won’t be going through my Reader after I get back, that would be a bit of a hassle.

I might schedule a post for Sunday (Easter) and possibly Monday, but I make no promises. xD  I sure look forward to the trip!

So until Tuesday, I’ll miss you all!

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


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