So Many Questions!

Oh my geez, I didn’t expect this many questions!  Thanks a lot, I know I was bored, but this is gonna make me explode. xD

Yuki’s Questions:

kapoop is a trending word in my class group, what do you think it means? I have no idea… is it like calling someone a poop or something?

Why so grid? I’ll answer your question with a question… What?

I say hello you say? Hi there!

Half full or full? Uh… full?

Pizza or Chicken? Pizza… with chicken on it.

Orange or Caramel? (omg gross) Caramel…

What am I? Human.  Okay, you were probably looking for a more interesting answer…

Describe yourself in three words? Caring, clumsy, & crazy. xP

Last song you listened too? Your Lie in April Opening 1

A song stuck in your head? FLY by GOT7 🙂

Am I your bestest friend ;))) No, reason in the next question ;P

Is bestest a word? No.

Favour or Favor? Well, I guess both are correct, but where I live favor is more common.

Favourite or Favorite? I like to spell it favourite but if I used that, people would probably say I’m wrong. xD

Do you pronounce about as ‘aboot’ Uh.. nope… I never knew it could be pronounced that way.

Would you move to Canada If Trump became president, yes.

Dream vacation Hmm… Japan, I love learning about the culture and I really wanna go there to see it in person.

What’s the new trend word Dab? Idek

Will you help make kapoop a trend word I don’t think my efforts would pay off.

Is this a lot Is what a lot?

Alot or a lot A lot… alot isn’t a word.

Yohohohoho (Brook) or Nana Yoohoh (Orange Caramel my copycat) Orange Caramel my Copycat because the music sounds more appealing to me.  Yohohoho is just… too slow. XD

Whats OTP to you Well, since I just finished Your Lie in April, I’d have to say Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono. ❤

Define your social status Hmm… I have a huge group of friends but no set BEST friend I can trust everything with. xD  I guess everyone knows each other, so there’s not particularly a “popular” and “not popular” status.

Isn’t Blizzy the best boss everrr Yeppers.

You’re so famous right Ahahaha… nope.  I don’t think I’m famous at all. xD

Do you look up to anyone Pretty much everyone… because they’re all taller than me. 😛

I have fun, you have fun Ok.  Does that mean if you’re not having fun, I’m not having fun, too?

Engrish skills 100% right *smacks head on table* I’m sorry.

Favourite subjects? Science and art? c: I like all subjects… kinda.

Pepper’s Question:

What are you going to do for April Fools? Honestly, I probably won’t be doing anything except getting fooled by all my friends… I might help out in a prank if it ever comes up.. xD

Minso’s Questions:

Do you watch k-dramas No, but I’m trying to get into it… I’ve only watched one so far.

Answer this question But it’s not even a question?

How did you start Fantage? A virtual world I played (Pixie Hollow) closed and some people played Fantage, so I started playing Fantage after the other website ended.

This question makes sense. But…. this isn’t a question either…?

Infinit’s Questions:

If you could be anything in the world, what would you be? Uh… I dunno… a wizard (witch because I’m female). :^)

Sapphire Fire’s Questions:

questions, I don’t care how bizarre! 🙂
-see what I did there 😏

Blizzy’s Questions:

would you ever touch a goose ? I dunno… maybe?

Do you like me as a boss? Of course. ;D

What do you think of me? You’re awesome, random, funny, and great to talk to.

Chocolate or Pocky? ( I forgot how to spell it ) Pocky all the way.

Thoughts on Donald Trump ? I don’t like the guy. :\

Memepony’s Questions:

The exact hour and minute you joined Fantage? Uhh… I don’t know.. probably sometime during the day lol.

Can you describe the color blue without saying any colors? A hue on the color wheel categorized as a cool color, ranging from different light and dark tints, which can usually be seen in the sky and some foods (Percy Jackson reference lol).

How about Red? A hue on the color wheel categorized as a warm color, which usually represents love or anger and can usually be seen in blood hehehe.

Try to describe the meaning of the word “that” (has to be your own words) “That” is a word describing a particular concept or object, similar to the word “this.”

Am I mean for asking these questions? No.  I quite enjoyed the challenge.  Honestly, I don’t think I answered them properly anyways lol.

How many questions have you been asked? So far… 47.. some of which aren’t proper questions. xD

Favorite item? On Fantage… probably Chloe hair (which I don’t have), in real life… computer (because I wouldn’t wanna live without it).

Item you wish you could destroy? Oh… hmm… crayons? :^)

Worst question someone has Q&A? Idk.

Best question someone has asked in this Q&A? Too many to decide.

How many questions did I ask? (I could count, but then it wouldn’t be a question) 10 so far.

What was your first accounts name? Hmm… first account ever?  Probably a Club Penguin account my friend decided to name Pizzaface01, but my first Pixie Hollow name was Ella, and my first Fantage name was chbannabeth1.

If you could add a new area to Fantage, what would it be? *a weeaboo moment* an area where everyone automatically became an anime character (like creature arena) and there were minigames based off of anime and anime opening background music LOL I’M WEIRD

If you could add a new game, what would it be? I have no idea.. but a game I would bring back would be Pixie Hollow.  At this point, you probably know I was obsessed with that game. (I think I cried when it closed lmao)

How do you think my username is pronounced? (most ppl mess this up) Well, I don’t know how to describe a pronunciation, and I’ll probably be wrong.. but is it like the name “meme” and “pony” afterwards.  Since my guess was probably the most obvious guess, I’m assuming I’m wrong… but that’s how I’ve been pronouncing it in my head since I met you lol.

How is your username pronounced? I guess the C-H-B would be said as individual letters (It’s an acronym) and then Annabeth… but you could just call me Annabeth… as in Anna and Beth.

Do you think I’m the most annoying question asker? Nope.

Did you answer every question? Yep.

Sunstar’s Questions:

will you be my potatoe queen? If you so desire, yes.

will i be your potatoe minion? Sure.

is eating potatoes fun? I don’t know about fun… but tasty, yes.

are you answering my question? Yes, I am.  Whether I’m answering it properly… well, that’s a different matter.

is jack frost really frosty or is he just frost? I don’t understand. ;A; I think he’s frost?  Because Frosty is a snowman?

why is fantage so cheap? As in real money cheap… probably because they think more people will buy if they lower the prices.

can i call you anna? There’s already a blogger named Anna, so it would be confusing, but I guess you could in an individual chat?

can i call you beth? If you want to. xP

is it ok to ask this many questions? Of course.  I’ve already answered over 50.  67 I think.

am i spamming you? Yeah, but I don’t mind it. xD

do you like me spamming you? It’s fine.  Spamming is fun.

are my questions pointless? Metaphorically, no, physically yes.  Questions can’t have points like a pencil..

do you think my questions are pointless? Is this question similar to the above?  Because I’ll just give the same answer. xD

are you bored right now? I was, but I’m not bored anymore because I get to answer all these questions.  😉

are you still looking at my questions? Yeah, why wouldn’t I?

Ji’s Questions:

Do you know sad papaw? No, sorry.

How are you today? 💗 Fine.  Kinda bored, though.  It’s better than being stressed like I usually am.

Where do you live? In America, that’s as detailed as I’m gonna get.

What genre of books do you read? Usually dystopian or fantasy books… I like the ones that have adventure, mystery, and some romance… especially when all the little pieces you think are trivial become clearer towards a bigger picture, if you know what I mean.

Umi~san’s Questions

Where would you like to live when you’ll grow up? Hmm… I’ll probably end up living in the same city I do now, but I’d love to live in Japan or Europe. xP

Dream job? Idk, something that has to do with psychology… I love psychology. ;P

What kind of pear son am I? Hmm… you’re a son of a pear. xD  If you typed this on your phone and it was a typo… and you meant person… I think you’re a very kind, interactive, and fun person.

Am I boring? Not at all.

What do you hate that people do? Lot’s of things… mostly lying and cheating. xP

Favourite vocaloid? Hatsune Miku.  No particular reason, she’s just my favorite. 😉

Idol(s) you want to meet one day? All of GOT7 and BTS yay! (It’s never gonna happen lol)

Anna’s Questions:

What is a question? A question is something that you ask someone, yourself, or something… I think.

Would you rather become a serial killer or feel a sharp pain in your heart for all eternity? Dang.  Uhh… sharp pain in my heart for all eternity, because being a serial killer would probably give me the same feeling, but at least I wouldn’t have the guilt. xD

Would you rather date a serial killer who will never murder you or be a serial killer’s next victim? Hmm… dating a serial killer would be… interesting??  Idk, maybe I could get them to stop killing people lmao.  Or kill them, because they won’t kill me, and just because we’re on a date doesn’t mean we’re in love. Omfg, I just realized how brutal that sounded.  Oh well.

Do you like AMSR? Probably a stupid answer, but I don’t know what that stands for.  If you tell me in the comments, I can edit my answer. xD

Saa han’nin wa daare? Gomenasai, shirimasen.

Did you know that you are using sayonara wrong? It is usually used when it’s a final goodbye. For example, someone going to war would tell their best friend “sayonara.” No one walks around saying sayonara in Japan. There are a lot of different ways to say goodbye in Japan actually, I’d recommend searching the most appropriate one! I’ll admit that when I first started using it, I didn’t know, but even after I found out, I thought I wouldn’t bother to change it. xD  Most people (like me in the past) only know of “sayonara” as a goodbye, so I decided to keep it because not everyone’s gonna know “jaa ne” or “mata ne” lol.  And who knows, maybe I’m going off to war with my life and I won’t see you all for a while? xP

What is your secret fetish? My secret fetish?  Like an obsession..

Screenshot (431)

A desire.. sleep.  A sexual desire… uhm… moving on to the next definition.  Magical object… obviously a wand. xP

What do you look for in a man? Someone kind, relatable, easygoing, and can make me laugh.

What do you look for in a woman? 😉 I guess the same things I find in a man, but you kind of just have to have that “feeling” to know if you want a relationship with someone. xD

How do you properly dispose of a dead body? I’m not an expert, nor do I have experience… uhh… teleport it to another world so there will be no trace of the body?


Bibliophile’s Question:

If you could be a vegetable, what would it be? xD Wow… I don’t know.  A carrot?  Lol no reason though.

Ciinamonx’s Qusetions:

do you have any pets? A rabbit, a guinea pig, and fish.

are you a dog person or a cat person? I like both, but if I had to pick one, it would be a dog.

what’s your ideal dog/cat breed? Husky lol.  Not really a reason.  And any soft cat. xD

are you aware that it’s national puppy day beCAUSE I AM AND I WANT A PUP. ALL THE PUP-PUPS. I CRY @ THE CUTE… .. No, I’m not usually aware of national holidays that my family doesn’t tell me about. 😛  I want a puppy, too. ;-;

Nana’s Questions:

Favorite outfit? I’m not sure.  I guess something simple but cute. xP

Favorite kinda ice cream? Strawberry 🙂  with the little frozen strawberries in it lol.

Would you rather eat vegetables or nothing at all? Vegetables.  They’re healthy, and not that gross. xD

Favorite drink? Hmm… strawberry soda? Wow, so much strawberry… well that was only two things, but I love strawberries. ;P


Well, that’s all the questions… I think 99… that I’ve been given!  Have fun reading them!  And just for Anna, I will change my sign-off for this post.

Jaa ne! ~Annabeth♥


29 thoughts on “So Many Questions!

  1. Kao-channn why you gone so abruptly 😥
    And ASMR is basically videos that people tap a whole bunch of objects into a special microphone and it’s supposed to be relaxing. Like all these random noises. There was one where a girl just tapped a chocolate bunny…
    There’s a lot of these videos on YouTube if you wanna look it up

    Liked by 2 people

    HIKARU NARA (the ylia first opening) IS SO GOOOOODDDDD
    i have this band friend, he’s a total weeaboo. he can play hikaru nara on the alto sax… it gives me feels every time ;-; i may or may not have teared up.
    *cries bc your lie in april*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Favourite is so Canadian :> I like use it everyday~
    I know I am your BESTest friend ;)))
    Watch Click Your Heart for a KDrama 😉 Sassy Go Go is good too, I haven’t finished it yet but VIXX’s N is in it 😛
    Yohohoho is from a song Brook from One Piece made and also his I guess catchphrase?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like the way favourite looks… xD but people would think I’m a weirdo for not spelling it the “traditional” way Americans use. And I listened to the song, it’s just too slow for me. ;P

      Liked by 1 person

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