I’m Bored

Well, I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m not really feeling much inspiration, but I thought I’d do something interactive. 😉

I guess since I’ve gotten quite a few followers since my last Q & A, I’ll do another one, just for the heck of it.  I mean, it’ll help with my boredom, and it’ll help you get to know me better.

So comment below questions, I don’t care how bizarre!  Weird, crazy, and fun is definitely better! ;P

Sorry for the short post, I look forward to answering your questions in another post!

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


24 thoughts on “I’m Bored

    1. I say they say kpoop because they think its sh*tty and annoying. The truth hurts, but they say that they’re gay. I mean, everyone wears makeup at least once in your life! I’m sorry but I’m exploding..

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  1. The exact hour and minute you joined Fantage?
    Can you describe the color blue without saying any colors?
    How about Red?
    Try to describe the meaning of the word “that” (has to be your own words)
    Am I mean for asking these questions?
    How many questions have you been asked?
    Favorite item?
    Item you wish you could destroy?
    Worst question someone has Q&A?
    Best question someone has asked in this Q&A?
    How many questions did I ask? (I could count, but then it wouldn’t be a question)
    What was your first accounts name?
    If you could add a new area to Fantage, what would it be?
    If you could add a new game, what would it be?
    How do you think my username is pronounced? (most ppl mess this up)
    How is your username pronounced?
    Do you think I’m the most annoying question asker?
    Did you answer every question?

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  2. will you be my potatoe queen?
    will i be your potatoe minion?
    is eating potatoes fun?
    are you answering my question?
    is jack frost really frosty or is he just frost?
    why is fantage so cheap?
    can i call you anna?
    can i call you beth?
    is it ok to ask this many questions?
    am i spamming you?
    do you like me spamming you?
    are my questions pointless?
    do you think my questions are pointless?
    are you bored right now?
    are you still looking at my questions?

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  3. What is a question?
    Would you rather become a serial killer or feel a sharp pain in your heart for all eternity?
    Would you rather date a serial killer who will never murder you or be a serial killer’s next victim?
    Do you like AMSR?
    Saa han’nin wa daare?
    Did you know that you are using sayonara wrong? It is usually used when it’s a final goodbye. For example, someone going to war would tell their best friend “sayonara.” No one walks around saying sayonara in Japan. There are a lot of different ways to say goodbye in Japan actually, I’d recommend searching the most appropriate one!
    What is your secret fetish?
    What do you look for in a man?
    What do you look for in a woman? 😉
    How do you properly dispose of a dead body?

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  4. do you have any pets?
    are you a dog person or a cat person?
    what’s your ideal dog/cat breed?
    are you aware that it’s national puppy day beCAUSE I AM AND I WANT A PUP. ALL THE PUP-PUPS. I CRY @ THE CUTE… ..
    //sorry i just really love dogs


  5. Would you rather be stuck in a can of peas or can of pineapples?
    Would you rather live in a world where Donald Trump wins the presidency or a world where memes are everywhere and songs like the Gummy Bear song are on repeat?


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