Rainbow After Storm

You’ve heard the saying, “A rainbow can’t come without a storm,” or something like that.  Well, I guess today would be that rainbow.  The past month has been pretty crappy, and I’ll say I’ve broken down more times within that month than I probably have in the lifetime before then… and that’s saying something.

If you haven’t gotten the clue from my many previous rants and negative posts, well… I’ll just say I’ve been having a hard time.  But I think I’ve given y’all enough negativity, so I’d like to make this post about the actual “rainbow” after all of this commotion… which will undoubtedly come back soon.

I’m FINALLY on Spring Break!  No more school or annoying people for 2 weeks!  Although, I still have a huge workload we were given to do over our break.  Pretty much everyone at school, aside from a special few, have managed to annoy me in some way, and I finally get a sorta break from them.  I also get 14 consecutive days of rest and peace (well, probably not ALL 14 days).

Also, today, I had my Japanese speech contest.  I had fully memorized everything in my speech and embellished it with expressions, tones, and speeds to make it all the better.  I was so nervous, but I kept telling myself You’ve done presentations before, you’ve memorized what you need, you CAN do this!

And I did it.

My speech was sorta short… but it had enough information, and I guess it was about average for the standards of my level of Japanese (intro/beginner).  The two classes above (intermediate and advanced) had practically essays that took up a whole page for the English and a whole page for the Japanese.  Man, I felt bad because mine only took up a page (half for English, half for Japanese).  I guess it was the standard length for a speech from my class (I wrote more, and the teacher kept shortening it lol), except I think they’ll expect a whole essay from me next year. xD

Anyways… I got 3rd place!  Behind two little kids.  I think they got 1st and 2nd place because they’re younger… and I guess their expectations weren’t as high?  Don’t get me wrong, they were amazing.  They messed up a few times, but I mean, I probably did too… so… I’m just glad to have gotten 3rd. 😉

It was my first ever speech contest, actually… my first time speaking Japanese to a crowd, so it was nerve-wracking.  I’m proud I managed to get up there and do it, though.

So relieved that I get 2 weeks off from the chaos called my life.  Ah, I’ll go back to my depressing self once school starts again?

Wasn’t this supposed to be a positive post?

Oh yes!  I’m totally optimistic!  Woo hoo!  Yay!  Oh, btw, the current follower count is 257 yay!  Oh, what will I do with myself…?  Maybe something special when we hit 300… I know it’s a long way away, though. xP

I hope y’all are having a nice life without stress, drama, or depression!

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


38 thoughts on “Rainbow After Storm

  1. I’m looking forward to my Easter holidays too – only one more week for me. I always find my mind starts to shut down at the end of term and I REALLY need a break. Also, congrats on your Japanese, I could never do that 🙂

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  2. wowwww, 3rd place in a Japanese speech contest?! So lucky! Congrats for winning!
    Have fun in your spring break, mines was filled with procrastination ahha

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