I’m Back With More Drama

Alright, so it’s Friday night, and I thought I’d come back from my break.  I said I wanted to focus on schoolwork for the rest of the week, but that’s only a little bit of the reason I went on break.  And that is… yes… drama.

I know, you’re tired of hearing my rants (honestly, I feel like that’s all I ever post) but stay with me, I have yet another.  I guess you’ll hear two stories, but I’ll TRY to keep them brief.

Yesterday, one of my friends fell and had a seizure in a basketball game.  7th graders were laughing at him, imitating his seizure.  I was so angry, this is NOT something you joke about.  It was scary, seriously.  He’s ok now, but people are making a huge deal out of it.  Sure, it was a pretty big deal, but now everyone’s like, “Let’s hang up posters around the school and the park!” “Pray for him!”

But I want to get this straight… he’s not dead.  He is fine, recovered quite quickly, actually.  And not people think I’m heartless because I didn’t cry and I think they’re making too much of a fuss over this.  Honestly.  I’m not the person to cry over stuff.  OF COURSE I CARE, I just didn’t cry.  What’s wrong with that?  And I have my own opinions.  Fine, they can do their posters and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean they have to call me heartless for thinking it’s an overreaction.  I don’t even think the school would give them permission to do so.

If there were posters, it would probably cause unneeded attention.  By this, I mean, the disrespectful 6th and 7th graders will laugh at him, think we’re all stupid for caring.

He recovered in less than two hours and they’re treating the situation as if he had died or is on death row.  It’s kind of annoying.  I wouldn’t want people to make this much of a deal if this had happened to me.

Well, I won’t go into more detail because it’s kind of personal to him.  On to the next… issue…

So you all know A, and if you don’t, find out about him here.  There’s a few other posts, but the one I linked to has the most recent situation (apart from this post) on my “love life.”

At this point, A is completely ignoring me and I don’t even want to talk to him.  Basically, on the Monday after that post, I tried to talk to him and he deliberately ignored me by talking to someone else in the middle of my sentence.  I was pretty fed up, and since he overheard at the party how I felt, he already knew what I was going to say, I thought it would just be nicer to say it face to face (which he NEVER did to me – spoke face to face about stuff like this, I mean).  I decided that I would give him the same treatment and ignore him… if he wanted anything solved, he would have to talk to me and not wait for me to come up and talk to him AGAIN.

He waited until the LAST moment to talk… like, seriously, everyone was telling him to talk to me (and probably why I was ignoring him) so he decides to come and talk after a whole freakin’ week, complaining that he wanted to talk to me but was too scared.  Wtf.  That’s all I can say.

But that was about a month ago.  In our conversation, he said everything was gonna be ok and he was fine with just being friends (even though we were never in a relationship).  Gosh, this sounds like a break-up when we were never really together.

Anyways, after he said “It’s ok, we can go back to being best friends.  I hate not talking to you,” he basically didn’t talk to me for the past month.  I mean, I’m not mad that he’s not talking to me (honestly, I don’t want to talk to him either) but it hurts that he lied to me like that.  If he knew he wasn’t going to want to be around me for a while, I would’ve been ok to hear, “Listen, I hear you don’t ‘like’ me that way anymore, and I need a little time to get over it, so could we not talk for a while?”  I would’ve said something similar to that, so as to actually tell the TRUTH, but, hey, my voice was completely gone, I couldn’t say ANYTHING to him.

And ever since, we haven’t talked.  Well, he kept staring at me for a while afterwards, then stopped, and now he’s staring again.  I thought things would be ok, ignoring each other (because I don’t really wanna be his friend anymore, anyways) but the staring… and we always hang out with the same people… it’s just awkward.  What makes it even more awkward is that everyone’s saying that A and I “broke up” or “divorced” and I’m just like, WE WERE NEVER FREAKIN’ TOGETHER!

At this point… I think I need to talk to him.  And I’m not telling anybody so he doesn’t overhear and prepare himself in whatever messed up way he thinks “being prepared”is.  The problem is, I don’t know how to approach him (because he’s ignoring me) and I don’t know how to get the words out, because I don’t know how he’ll react.  And that frustrates me, that he thought he knew everything about me (obviously he didn’t) and that he never told me anything about him (which is why I have no idea how he’ll react to different situations)…

I’m glad that I’m on spring break now, so I have 2 weeks to think this out.

I’m sorry for coming back with such a negative post, but I just need to get things off my shoulders.  On the bright side, I have my Japanese speech completely memorized, and I think I’m prepared for tomorrow (the speech contest).  I’ll be reading posts again (I’m not going back to see the old ones) and I’ll be posting more as well.  😉

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥





25 thoughts on “I’m Back With More Drama

  1. wasnt he the one who was always like touching you? (ew thats gross that dude needs to learn some personal space)
    //lol sorry short term memory i dont really remember a lot of stuff
    well first, you need to decide if you like him or not. i’m pretty sure you don’t, so after your spring break maybe you should mellow things out with him and tell him you’re not interested in a relationship
    //sorry i dont major in relationships ok

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    1. Yeah… same guy. I’ve already decided that I don’t like him that ways, but the problem is, I tried to tell him, he ignored me, told me a week later that we should just be friends, and then full on ignored me. I understand that it hit him pretty hard, but I would’ve felt better if he just told me he needed space or whatever the deal was.
      It’s ok, that was pretty good advice. I was planning on telling him after spring break, but as I already mentioned, I just don’t know how to approach him, in a way that he won’t react too horribly.


      1. if he’s full on ignoring you then you shouldn’t be friends with him >n>
        if you really want to talk to him that badly, then maybe you should talk to him during spring break/or in private and tell him you’re not interested
        but yeah, he should’ve told you how he felt and if he needed some time to think over about it or something because you’re completely clueless about how he’s feeling

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        1. I just want to get things straight, because I don’t think he knows exactly how I feel, and I’m definitely confused on how he feels. It’s also kind of awkward that we hang out with the same group, but I don’t really have anyone else to hang out with, and I’m not leaving my group just because of him. I definitely won’t tell him to leave, so I guess the best way to solve it is to just talk it out so we understand each other, kinda. Thanks for all the advice. 😉


    1. I don’t think it was epilepsy because he fell and his head was bleeding. But I still don’t think he would want all the attention. Just a card wishing him well would be nice, but posters.. not so much.

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  2. I’m with you on the posters, I don’t think he would really appreciate it. Why don’t they show their care and consideration by standing up to the 6/7th graders? You’re not heartless at all. And in terms of the business with A, I can’t give you much help because I don’t really have much experience lol but he might be ignoring you because he’s too awkward? Or maybe he feels to uncomfortable to talk to you. Although he has no right to say all sweet things to you and then go away, it’s very irresponsible and if you don’t walk to talk to him, just don’t. If you want to solve the issue once and for all, why don’t you just message him about how you feel. Sorry I wasn’t much help!

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    1. Yeah. Everyone’s signing a card and I think that’s as far as it should go. As for A, I’d rather talk to his face than through message (because he could totallt type lies) I just don’t know what I’m supposed to tell him. I don’t really care that we’re not talking, but I want the matter settled because he keeps staring, which is making things awkward again.

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  3. I feel sorry for that poor basketball player, but people should stop overreacting as well, too much attention and stuff like that will cause a disease for him, and that ain’t good, too many attention will give me migraine headaches xD
    As for your love life, idek have on, I’m in a all girls school, so no boys ;; w ;; (but some of them are really gay and super touchy, ew)

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    1. I know I’m going to talk to him for sure, I just don’t know how I’m going to say it. It’s hard because we’ve been best friends for 4 years now, and ut disappeared in only a few days.

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  4. Oh boy, it looks pretty complicated. If he doesn’t talk to you, then I would suggest that you talk to him, because let’s be honest, it’s even more awkward when you’re around him, right? Or maybe write him a card and put it in his locker? I’m sure that even though he might not read it in front of you, he will read it when no one’s watching.


  5. Maybe, just maybe, if you can’t speak to him ‘verbally’, you could try writing it out on paper. But I suggest not telling anyone, otherwise the usual rumor will get out that you wrote a love letter, etc. etc.. Let us know if you need more help xxxx


  6. I used to have seizures when I was younger so I understand. I even still have spasms. Something like this happened a while back and people were laughing and then the teacher started giving detentions/worse to whoever who weren’t taking it seriously. I felt sorry for the guy too because people were over-exaggerated the whole situation.

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    1. Yeah, I think they’re coming to their senses now, though, because they’re starting to say a card is good enough. XD I think a card is nice and shows that we care but it’s not over exaggerated. ;P


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