Odd Friends

Alright, so the last post, you must’ve realized that I’ve been seeing quite some drama.  Although, they’re not bad people, and I’m not angry, just sad that there’s so much tension.
I guess we’re having some good laughs right now at someone’s birthday party. Maybe it’s because Y isn’t here. Nothing wtong with her presence, but it does prevent people from “choosing sides” and the like.
I’m glad I can still have so much fun with my friends.
Well… They’re a weird bunch, they are.  So many jokes a little too extreme for me, but whatever, they’re the best people I’ve ever met [in person]. I come to the party, and they’ve been on omegle.com the whole time. Honestly, the website isn’t safe, but I mean they don’t listen lol.  Whatever. I’ve stayed off the camera the whole time. One of my friends was called hot twice.  There’s a whole bunch of odd people whowing off their stomachs on the other screen. Ah, these people (strangers and friends included) are so strange… I’m strange, too, I guess, but in a slightly different sense. 😛
Some boys are singing karaoke in the other room.  It’s so funny, geez.
All I’m doing is typing this post, but I guess I better get back to the party… and not let them find out that I have a blog.

*Apologies for any typos, I am posting from my phone.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1❤


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