Everything is Falling Apart

The last month… yeah, it’s been full of drama.  Although, that’s not so unusual, especially for 8th grade.  And honestly, I just want it all to go away and everything to go back to normal.  But I guess life doesn’t work like that, huh.

There’s so much stress, drama, tension.  I just dunno, but I think my life’s been pretty screwed up for a while.  If you don’t want to read about my depressing day, feel free to click off this post.  Warning: there will be slight swearing, apologies in advance.

Anyways… let’s go over the brief scenario of what’s going on.  Actually, there’s two stories, so I’m only gonna tell the first in this post, probably the second in another post to keep this from dragging on… which I’ve inevitably been doing for the past 3 paragraphs.

Basically, there’s a huge group of friends, and we all love each other like family.  Everything was goin’ great for the first half of the school year.  There was minor drama in between, but it always got resolved.  Although, most of the drama revolved around this one couple.  Lots of people were against them being together, and lots were for it, which created a ton of arguing.  In my opinion, they were fine together, they could do what they wanted, lived their own lives.  Back to the point, these two girls (both of which were really good friends of mine and each other) got into an argument about the girl (let’s call her X) not spending enough time with everyone else after she got in a relationship.  And all hell broke loose after that.

Now, this might be just a rumor, but the other girl previously mentioned (let’s call her Y) said that X would be the 2nd girl to get pregnant in high school after this other touchy couple at our school.  Now, I know it’s a highly offensive thing to say, but Y claims to never have said anything like that.  She did, however, admit that she was talking behind X’s back and apologized.  There was crying and everything.  She meant it and promised to never do it again… and she’s lived up to that promise as far as I know.

People who sided with X started calling Y a slut, whore, bitch, anything rude they could throw at her, even though X and Y had forgiven each other and decided to let the matter go.  Except, with all this name-calling and rudeness, it seems people aren’t going to forgive and forget.  I’m tired of all this fighting.  Our awesome group has basically split up, and it’s depressing how quickly everything’s changed, how much tension there is between everyone.

Anyways, I love both of my friends equally, and I won’t choose sides.  They both understand that I’m not choosing one side or another, but that doesn’t stop other people from thinking I’m a “traitor” and mistrusting me.  This hasn’t been the biggest issue, but I’m hearing from both sides and everything I hear just makes me want to cry.  I WANT to help my friends get over this, but I don’t know how.  I’m trying to stay out of the drama part as much as I can, but I think it’s enveloped pretty much everyone to the point where it’s not even possible to “stay out of it.”

I have a similar problem with someone else, and quite honestly, that situation is really confusing for me to deal with.  I hate how all of this friendship has been torn apart in a day, a simple few hours, in fact.  Well, that’s about all I’ll say about this friend problem, and the next post might be more about my own problem with the someone else.

If you have any questions or somethin’ just ask below.  Although I might not answer depending on what you’re asking.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


21 thoughts on “Everything is Falling Apart

  1. wooowwowowoowoww
    //prays for you
    Hope your friends are okay :^000

    Honestly your friends sound so nice, there is this one “friend” I have and our whole group secretly hates her bc she is rude and mean af but we just deal with her bs everyday and she always makes fun of stuff we enjoy but we never make fun of her bc she is super sensitive event hough she acts tough but she cries sm wow I sound salty af making this thing into a rant about my life

    If you really want to help, you need to be involved and that means taking sides bc trust me if you stay neutral while trying to argue both sides will just team up on you

    good luck

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    1. Thanks for your support. If there’s someone who’s rude, you should probably talk to her. Maybe she doesn’t understand that her actions are offending others. I don’t mean payback or anything, just a small talk to explain how you feel about each other, and hopefully it will turn out well. It’s nice that you try not to upset her, but she needs to know how other’s are feeling, it just depends on the approach you take.
      If I “take sides” then the other person won’t even listen to me, so not choosing sides would be the best option because I don’t want to lose either friend. Except, at this point, I don’t think there’s any use trying to resolve anything, because as far as I’ve been trying, there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix anything in my position. I’m just hoping nobody will get into a fight, and I guess I’ll just have to go deal with everything. Only a few more months of school left anyways. Again, thank you.


  2. I hope all of this drama for your friends blows over quickly. 😦 What’s important is that your friends made up with each other, and that is that. Anyone else who goes against your friends and you, can be ignored, because what matters is that your all are friends, and no one should be saying rude stuff when most of the drama is over.
    The only thing I think you can do, is try to bring your two friends close to each other and with yourself, so that this doesn’t get to all of your friendship. Try to mend this piece by piece. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. As much as I hope things will turn out better, I think the only good part is that they’re not fighting, but I don’t believe they’ll ever really start hanging out together like it used to be. Honestly, even though they said they forgave each other, that was just on the outside, because I’ve talked to both of them, and they’re both saying that they’re mad at the other. X is totally done, and Y is just upset because she thought things were going to go back to normal after the whole “It’s ok, I forgive you. Just don’t let it happen again,” thing. All I can really do now is sit back and remain neutral, but there’s not really anything more I can do to resolve this without making it get worse. I guess since they’re not fighting and more of just ignoring each other I can put up with it and try to still be both of their friends.

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  3. Aww, that’s really sad. What matters is that your friends had made up, but if only there was someway to explain to the used-to-be group of friends that they apologized to each other and be able to understand there’s no need for the drama anymore since it’s been all fixed between your two friends… and as for not siding with anyone and being called a “traitor,” I’ve had that once before, but I explained to those people that I was not siding with anyone and I didn’t want anymore drama. I hope things will get better between all of you…

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    1. Apparently their make-up was only on the outside, because they both seem to not have forgiven each other. X is still mad and pretty much hates Y; she doesn’t even care that people are calling Y such horrid names. And Y is mad that X “forgave” her but didn’t really do anything about the name-calling. I’ve tried telling people that they forgave each other, but every time, X seems to want me to stop talking, so I don’t think I can do anything more to resolve this. Maybe it’s best that they keep ignoring each other and I just let things flow for the rest of the school year. As long as they don’t start fighting again. :\


  4. the best way to solve a situation or to keep yourself AWAy from the drama and not get in

    change something about yourself, like if you have a bad habit, change it, do that to the same thing to your friends, and they will change
    i hope i helped 🙂

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    1. I think the whole group seemed to get involved, even if it was involuntarily. I didn’t TRY to get into the drama, it just hit all of us at once, and being a close friend of both X and Y didn’t make it any easier to avoid the drama.

      I think at this point, I can’t do anything, and I’ll just keep letting them ignore each other. Of course, if there’s name calling, I’ll defend my friend, but maybe trying to talk them into being a whole big group of friends again would make matters worse. Nobody seems willing to change, so I don’t have the kind of influence to fix this without causing more problems. At least there’s only about 3 months of school left to deal with it, because X and Y are going to different high schools.

      Thanks for your advice and support.

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    1. It really is, although I guess it’s not unexpected. Things have been tense between the two ever since X started dating. It’s just been building up until this point. It’s ok, glad you don’t have to deal with stuff like this. 😉 Thanks for your support.


  5. I feel bad for you. So much drama. You know, I find the best ways is to keep calm and carry on, because it’s the sensible thing to do, and don’t be scared to stand up for people. It’ll eventually blow over if you ignore it long enough. 😉

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    1. xD Yes, I know drama is pretty normal, but it’s relieving to blog about it, kind of like talking to a therapist. XD
      I talk to you about everything (drama-wise) on hangouts before I ever post about it lol.

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