I Truly Am The Worst


Apologies to Chasano and Chihaki, I totally screwed up my life and confused myself.  No excuses, everything is my fault.

They are both lovely individuals so go check out their blogs!  Both girls are extremely artistic [maybe that’s why I got them mixed up… jk] and are really nice!  🙂

I’m awful at spelling, and if something looks alike in spelling, my brain just seems to die.  Even though you’re probably not aware, I have been confused for a very long time about this, and I seriously did think they were the same person.  I’m a hideous human being.  Actually, I’m an atrocious Annabethian.

LOL.  So I spammed Chasano with lots of messages.

Screenshot (404)

The messages go in order from bottom to top.

Seriously, this is so embarrassing and ridiculous, I can’t believe myself.  Well, I can, but I’m too stubborn to admit it… even though I just did.  xD

Well, now you know how amazingly talented I am at messing things up.  I’ve already made quite a lot of spelling errors today.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


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