Bloggy Updatey

This post is going to be a little all over the place, so hang with me.

First off, I changed the blog look.  I know you’re tired of hearing this every time, but… just gonna put it out there anyways.

The background is a green grid, in semi-celebration of March, which is usually represented by the color green. But anyways, he current logo is Gumi (Vocaloid) just a random gif I found on the internet.

I’ll probably be changing back to the previous look (Hatsune Miku with blue-lined grid) afterwards because I like that one a lot and I haven’t had it up for long.

I also deleted some pages, updated some pages.

Now onto the sad part… the blogs I have decided to quit.  Nothing against my bosses or anything, I just feel like I haven’t been doing enough work and don’t deserve to work on such amazing blogs.

Also, I’ve been busy lately, so having less blogs to worry about will give me more opportunities to post more on just a few.  And by quitting these blogs, I am definitely not saying I want to break any friendships, I don’t hate anyone.  I just feel like I can’t post enough on certain blogs.

Fantage Chatter – I really love your personality, Emily.  I’m really sorry to have to quit, but I haven’t posted in weeks, I never know what to post, and in the time that I’ve worked there, I only managed about 5 posts.  You’re wonderful and fun to talk to, and I’m sure your other authors will be able to post more often than me.

Fantage Mint Candy – I think this was the first blog I ever started working on apart from my own, and I loved working there.  I just feel like I’ve run out of Pros & Cons ideas, and I don’t know what else I should be posting about.  I know you’re on break, or at least I think you are, and you’re a great person, but I realized I haven’t posted anything for over a month.

Le Blog of Randomness – I love your blog, I really do.  I love all of the blogs I’ve seen so far.  I just feel like I have nothing to post… even though it’s a random blog.  I guess I’m not the most random person around, but I’ve never really had a set post series or anything, so it’s harder for me to find post ideas.  It seems like you have tons of authors as well, so my leave probably won’t affect anything.

Fantage Shimmer Glimmer – Wow, I’m super sorry, this is the fourth blog I’ll be leaving.  You’re a really nice person, and I’ll always be open to helping you with your blog, I just never know what to post, and I feel like my “Shimmering Style” posts are kind of boring.  I love springing ideas off to you, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to do them, so even if I quit, I’ll still be here to help.  You can split my author points between everyone else, give them to another author, or delete them entirely.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t quit the other blogs, it’s because I’ve joined them fairly recently (within a month) or I’ve been posting on them more often/have a set of posts I do (as in, a series almost – like “Time to Trend! [which I need to pick back up on]).  I love all of my bosses, and it was a hard decision.  I hope this doesn’t create any negativity whatsoever.

This post turned out longer than I had expected, so I’m going to leave it at that.

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥



27 thoughts on “Bloggy Updatey

      1. I was looking for those backgrounds and pretty much every single one was watermarked… so I just looked for a green pattern, and this looked the nicest out of all of the non-watermarked, seamless ones.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. nice look
    and you work on like every blog
    i would quit blogs if i had a lot to work on to
    i can only handle two
    and i only handle two because I love the fantage press and it’s really an honor to work there
    and i do my blog because it’s mine? o.O

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Its Okay! I understand! You dont need to worry and juat relax 🙂 You have your own life and its your own choice on how to live it. I understand its a lot of work and stress because ive been through this pain (whatever you call it). Ive worked on 15+ blogs (which is to die for xP) which is pain in the b___. I feel you, though i love your posts 😀 Thank you for helping me when i was unable to post. Im so thankful to have a worker like you (even if it was for only a little time).
    Love Ya~ (lol its like im writing a goodbye letter and i know this doesnt make sense but oh well)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wheee i like your blog ‘ v ‘
    //jeebus i should change my blog theme and everything its ew
    are there any good blog themes you know ;; A ;;?
    everyone has been changing their themes which makes me left out ahhaha–

    Liked by 1 person

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