And So It Seems

I was looking at all the anime I’ve watched, and I’ve noticed a majority of it is “mainstream” or at least has been popular at one point in time.  Now, there’s a reason that it’s popular, and that’s because those anime are decent, decent enough to appeal to many viewers around the world.  But some people tell me I’m boring or a weeb because I “only watch mainstream anime” and so I started thinking… The only way I hear of an anime is from other people (recommendations) so if you want me to watch not mainstream anime, then recommend some to me.

And I’m going to voice just that.  I don’t think a lot of you have this dislike of mainstream anime in this community, but since some of you seem to know good anime that needs more recognition, why not share it?

I’m definitely one of those people who only gets updated through other people shame on me so usually I watch an anime if someone tells me to, or it gets a lot of recognition.  I do this because I like to talk to people about the anime, so if they don’t know what it is, it’s hard to talk.  And I seem to only get told, “Watch Attack on Titan,” “Watch Naruto,” “Watch Fairy Tail,” but nobody ever seems to tell me of the “unpopular” anime.

Now, even though a majority of anime I watch is pretty mainstream, I have seen a few that almost nobody knows about.  And they were amazing, series I would want to have more recognition.  And I bet you have some anime on your list that you never hear mentioned.

So here’s your task.  List some non-mainstream anime below, for everyone viewing to see, and I’ll take a look at them when I have time.  I’ll blog about those anime, and I’d especially love to talk about them to all of you!  I encourage spreading word of those anime, because that’s exactly how mainstream series get popular – by spreading word.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day, and I look forward to watching some new anime! 😉

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


11 thoughts on “And So It Seems

  1. shokugeki no soma
    its a cooking anime that also has an ongoing manga so i recommend not to watch it on an empty stomach
    also theres a lot of fanservice do dont watch it with your grandma
    plus the manga releases v quickly

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    1. Ooo Food Wars? I read like half of the first manga (I snuck it from my friend at their party) and he took it back because it was apparently too mature for me. Sucks for him cuz I already read most of it. xD I was planning on watching it when the series finished (Idk if it’s finished yet) so I wouldn’t have to wait a week for an episode. Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. hmm
    try non non biyori
    its a slice of life anime and its basically about 4 girls who live on the countryside and their school is really small, and one is a transfer student from tokyo.
    or is the order a rabbit, its pretty much just about 5/6 girls who work in cafes that have rabbit themes or a rabbit mascot and this author lady, its really good ^^

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  3. Not sure what to recommend. Most of the shows I cover have been released internationally so they would be classed as mainstream. Check the anime section of my blog. If you spot a series you have never heard of and I gave it a good rating feel free to check it out.

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