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First things first, since this isn't a Fantage blog, should I start putting my Fantage tags (even if they're more personal to my avatar) on other Fantage blogs?

Thanks Sweet Cupcake for tagging me!

What is your username? (easy question, but whatever..) chbannabeth1

What is your Fantage Level? 1354

Who is your BFF on Fantage? Kelly aka kelly123633 and Amoore aka amoore07 whom you might have heard of if you were here from the beginning of the blog (I still have their “about” pages up.)  And all of you lovely bloggers.

When did you start Fantage? September 9, 2013

Did you ever quit and come back to Fantage? Yeah, I quit for like 3/4 of the year and came back in late summer.  I’m glad I did because I got to meet you all, yet at the same time, I don’t really like Fantage the way it is now (I only come on for my BFFs)

What do you have to say about Fantage? Eh

I tag:




Pris aka Roar






Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


15 thoughts on “Fantage Tag

  1. I quit fantage for a while too and missed all the good events and came back on the bad events so i quit again and missed the good event. T^T The only reason why i bother with fantage is because of their cute items. *Sighs* so bored so bored. Where all the good games and manga and animes go?

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    1. I often get bored on Fantage, yet I play just because I have friends I talk to who I don’t want to leave yet… and I play Q-Blast and go to MyMall a lot. Manga and anime is awesome though, I wish Fantage had more of it – at least the kid friendly ones.


      1. Fantage has anime and manga? Also Q-Blast in my opinion is kinda boring. The minion don’t move as smoothly as i want it to. Maybe it’s just that i suck at it? As for mymall… It’s sorta a chore more than fun. Talking with friends…friends? Uhhh they all quit a long long time ago. Bye. Poof. Gone. Why not make more friends you might want to ask…Uhh idk…not sure how to answer that.

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        1. Well, there’s an Anime club at Fantage Clubhouse, and some of the items are roughly based off of anime characters. Q-Blast kind of just takes practice to take a liking to (I took a break for a while because I got bored) but once you get the gist of the game, you might find it more fun – although that’s just my opinion. MyMall isn’t very fun, but if there’s nothing else to do… I just randomly look for items I might be interested in (although I don’t do it often because I get bored lol). I have one friend – I believe I met her a year ago – who I talk to daily and we both trust each other and talk. We kinda developed a bond. xP And another friend who comes on every so often – I met over a year ago during the Christmas event of 2014 – and we’ve hung out a lot since then, just fooling around lol.


  2. It’s not that i don’t like Q-Blast it’s just that i’m kinda sick of it. There’s a game that’s called Bomb it that my brother and i used to play and well he slaughters me every time. Uhhh not so fun…Bomb it just flows a lot better than Q-Blast so well in my standards Q-Blast is chunky and annoying. It is nice to be able to play with other online players though…

    And good for you. You have a nice friend there. Wish i had one. C:

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    1. Yeah, I can see your point. I’ve never tried Bomb It, but I usually play Q-Blast because I get levels and it’s fun to play with friends. Playing against a computer isn’t always fun. xP But yeah, Q-Blast is really laggy and gets on my nerves quite often with all its glitches lol – I wonder why I still play.
      Don’t worry, you’ll find good friends. Even if it’s not on Fantage, you could find other VRMMORPGs or convince real life friends to play games. 😉 I’ll always be your friend, too, if you’re open to it. 🙂


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