Event Items

I’m running low on gold, so I’ll only be able to have 2 winners for this as of now.

First person to comment gets an item from the 2nd or 3rd cart.

Second person to comment gets an item from the remaining cart (after 1st person chooses).


I will probably do another one tomorrow, since it’s late and time probably isn’t convenient for everyone.  I’ll also get a kiosk if I can get people to buy some stuff (it’s just some random stuff, probably not that good):

Flowing Blonde Locks (min – I think 540)

Screenshot (374)


Charity Board (min – 500)

2016 New Years Balloon (min – 500)

Hot Cocoa Accessory (min – 1,200)

Santa’s Sack (min 1,200 or maybe 1,800…)

Snowball Accessory (min – 500)

Plaid Bag (min – 500)

Giant Rainbow Wings (min – 10,000)

Drumstick (800?)

Charity Bracelet (min – 500)

White Gloves (min – 500)

Pumpkin Pop (min – 500)

Red Rose and Heart Crown (min – 500)

Candy Cane Bow (min – 1,200)

Holly Bow (min – I don’t remember price)

Unicorn Headband (1,200?)

Red Reindeer Antlers (min – 500 I think)

If you want to see the items or negotiate prices leave a comment below or e-mail me at fantageamoore07@gmail.com


I will most likely just be using the gold for prizes, so you might have a chance to get your gold back if you win! 😉  I’m sorry the items aren’t the best, but whatever.  If nobody wants anything, I won’t be getting a kiosk.

That’s all, so comment below for a chance to get some of the new limiteds!  😉

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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