Bored Awards

Thanks Sarah and Cherry for tagging me!  Go check out their blogs and leave a follow!


  2. You must answer ALL of the questions
  3.  If you were tagged you must do it
  4. You must tag 10-50 people
  5. Have fun!


Favorite color? blue, or more like a bluish green like this font

What is your favorite celeb and what celeb would you be? My favorite celeb?  No idea. xD

Where do you see yourself in 15 years? Wow, 15 years is a long time!  Hopefully in a home with a nice family and a successful job.

3 words that describe you friendly, energetic, weird

What is your school mascot? Idk tbh xD

Worst stereotype There’s too many… but one that offends quite a bit is: when people assume you HAVE to know an Asian language if you’re Asian…. but that’s not true.  Smh

1 regret Idk, lots. xD

What is the fantage item at the top of your wish list? No idea… maybe Kitty’s Top because I actually really like it. 😉

Greatest fear? being abandoned… o.o

Best WP friend? All of you! 🙂

I tag:

  1. Chubby Bunny
  2. Yuki~chan Bae
  3. Pixie
  4. Lolly
  5. Queen Nunnally
  6. AnnaArso
  7. Ameee
  8. Mangos
  9. Moonshinezodiac
  10. Blizzy~Boss

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



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