K-Drama Recommendation – Dream Knights

Y’all thought I wouldn’t be back for another post here? Or did you all forget I worked her 😉

Yes, I know. If you look at the About the Staff page I’m not there, but you know why?

I got jams, so I can’t be there (reference people)

Anyhow I’ll be recommending a K-Drama to you guys, and its the first K-Drama I watched.

Dream Knights 

It’s a K-Drama that has GOT7 in it. JB and Junior (the previous JJ Project) are the main characters, of course the rest of them are also the main characters but its these two.

Dream Knights

The pink haired girl is missA’s Min, but she isn’t the main character. But you’ll end up shipping her with one of the GOT7 members..

Dream Knights is about a bullied fangirl who refuses to bring her life down. One day 4 mysterious guys come into her life who change her life.

If you’d like a better description click here to see it!

While watching this show different emotions will fill you up from laughing to tears, and of course you’ll love seeing one of the hottest boy groups act!



Watch the episode on one of those two links!

The first link requires you to have a DramaFever account which is free to sign up!

The second link… Just click any one of them!

I hope you’ll watch and enjoy this K-Drama!


BamBam Ceci


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