Favorite GOT7 Songs

So we all know GOT7 is one of my favorite bands.  Seeing as I’ve been introduced to K-Pop by this wonderful person only about a few months ago, I’ve listened to a few of many different groups.

I find GOT7 a very lively group of boys and I loved their music.  I think I fangirl about them to the extent where people think I have a mental disorder.  What really brought me closer to liking this group was watching their videos, kind of like vlogs, on the After School Club (ASC), Real GOT7, and GOT7 Mission Clear series.  But as the title suggests, let’s get down to my favorite songs and why I love them so much.  🙂


Just Right

This was the very first K-Pop song I’ve ever listened to (aside from Gangnam Style, which had a huge popularity spike at one point) and I have to admit, it really drew me in.  It’s a beautiful song with lots of meaning – You’re perfect the way you are and don’t need to change anything. – and basically is telling the girl she is beautiful for who she is.  I also love all their costumes (and the members are tiny xP), and the beat is really nice (which I’ll be saying for most songs).


I really like this song, mostly because of the beat.  In the ASC show, Mark and Jackson brought it up a lot every time someone said “Hey” because it sounds like “A” and it’s a really cute mv.  The boys are all in love with this one girl and they follow her around, trying to act casual whenever she looks.  My favorite part is when they’re pushing the carts in the store, mostly because it’s silly and fun to watch.

Girls Girls Girls

I really love the tune of this song.  It’s very upbeat.  The choreography, like most dances, is amazing and each boy shows A LOT of talent.  It starts off with them leaving school (I think) on motor scooters, but someone drops a bracelet, and the girl on the street goes to return it.  Upon entering the store GOT7 had went into, she discovers a secret entrance leading to a club.  This song is really catchy, and I find myself humming it often.


This song is really calm and beautiful.  I love the background music, and the singing is amazing.  The pattern they say things is nice and everything sounds perfect, however there isn’t a mv for this.  You can find some concert videos on this song though, if you’re interested. > The next songs I will mention do not have mvs either, but again, you’ll most likely find performances at concerts on YouTube.


I really LOVE the beginning because it sounds like a radio… and then it unexpectedly turns into a really passionate song.  The meaning is actually pretty deep, and you get a kind of “possessive” vibe.  Yeah, I can find this attitude in relationships kind of annoying if taken to far but in a song, it’s amazing.  The lyrics are very strong, and their voices (as always) fit perfectly and really make me get into the song to where I’m dancing in my seat, nearly falling out.

Like Oh

This song just gets you right into it.  I first heard it on Yuki’s blog, but upon finding a color coded version with subtitles and English translations, I fell in love with the song even more.  Most artists’/bands’ songs are based around romance/love (or the ones I hear) and GOT7 is just another band that portrays this concept, but I find that these 7 boys are very enthralling (?) and make everything sound 1000x more passionate and 1000x more beautiful. (Yes, I know I’ve used beautiful a lot, and I’ll probably be using it a lot more.)


The beginning music for this song sounds the same as the introduction to “Just Right” but don’t get me wrong, they’re completely different songs.  This one has more of a serious tone and a more… romantic vibe.  They explain how much they love this girl and that they’d do anything for her… cute, right?  They’re singing flows well with the song (as all of their music does) and really draws you into it.

I Like You

I really enjoy listening to the song, as I do to most K-Pop music.  It was one of the first ones I’ve listened to, and I found it very interesting and upbeat.  AmeriThaiKong has amazing rapping that goes really well with the beat of the song and the other members have voices like angels. xP  Every time I hear this song, I can’t help but nod my head viciously and sing the tune in my head over and over.


I’ll probably be doing posts like this every once in a while, where I dump a whole bunch of my favorite songs from certain K-Pop groups with explanations/details as to why they’re my favorites. 😉

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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