3,000 Gold Give Away

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Sarah Kate's Blog

Hullo! So I have been thinking of hosting a give away lately and I finally have decided too. I will be giving away… (LOL, you probably already know that by the title but anyway) 3,000 gold!! So here is what you need to do:

  1. Re – blog this post and comment “Entering!”
  2. Like this post
  3. Follow this blog

Here is what you can do to get extra entries:

  • A shout out – 1 extra entry
  • A header – 4 extra entries
  • A suggestion for this blog – 1 extra entry
  • A drawing – 5 extra entries (MUST be digital)

If you do the shout out then give me the link to where you shouted out/advertised. If you made me a header or drawing post it in your blog and give me the link or send it to fantageshimmerglimmer@gmail.com and if you have a suggestion for this blog comment it down…

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