Favorite Apps Tag

Thanks CrlstleMmchan, and Cathie for tagging me!


From left to right: Imiwa, Hangouts, Scribd, WordPress, YouTube, Wizardess Heart+, Instagram.
Ok, I don’t use all of these on a regular basis, and there’s more I could add but eh, laziness wins all.

Imiwa: Japanese dictionary, for which I use to help me with my Japanese homework.
Hangouts: I’m pretty much always on Hangouts talking to my friends, going past midnight. xP
Scribd: My Japanese textbook for school (it’s free which is better).
WordPress: Need I explain?
YouTube: Also pretty self-explanatory lol.
Wizardess Heart+: I love this game. It’s basically a fantasy love story game where you make choices that affect the ending, but it’s actually pretty cute and interesting in my opinion.
Instagram: Ok, I’m not too much into this, but I still like it.

Other apps include Google Search, Settings, and Camera… I don’t think I need to say much else.

I tag anyone who has a phone. xP

Excuse any typos, this was posted from my phone.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1❤


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