Clean Up Fantage Tag

Reblogging for now, I’ll send an e-mail later because I’m doing something right now. 😉

Penguins and Fish

Hi, hey, hello, my name is Apsara123 and welcome to my blog! Whether you know me or not, like me or not, read my posts are not (that’s really sad) I would extremely appreciate it if you were involved in this tag! I went on fantage (after a long time) the other day and what do I see? I see users hooking up (if you don’t know what it means trust me you don’t want to know) in the middle of downtown! Gosh, Fantage is very inappropriate right now and there are a lot of kids playing it so I decided to start a group effort to fix this up! Even though my other attempts to fix fantage hasn’t worked I think this one has a HIGH chance of effectence! Why you make ask? Well because I’m not the only person who’s going to do it, oh no all of…

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