Thanks a Lot ;-;

So only 6 people told me what background to use… and I got 2 votes per different background.  LMAO, the chances… actually this has happened a lot before.  I wonder if the bloggers plan stuff like this to confuse me. Jk jk.  So I’ll just choose a few different backgrounds for a few days and see how it goes from there?

Honestly, I shouldn’t care this much. xD

Sorry for the spam. ;~;

Back to homework for me.  I’ve been working all day yet I still have HEAPS left to do… so I apologize for not posting much as well.

And sorry to all my 5 bosses.  I’ll post sometime this week… hopefully if I don’t die of stress beforehand.  :\

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥



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