Le Blog of Randomness’s Blog Review

Check out the random blog here!

Theme: 10/10

I really love the randomness theme, with rainbows and color everywhere!  Randomness is awesome! 😉

Appearance: 9/10

It’s really pretty and the rainbows really bring out the randomness of the blog!  I love all the emojis, and your header is cute.  Although, for people who can’t handle colors lmao, the background might be just a tad too bright.  Also, I think the header is quite big, so if possible, maybe make it a bit smaller?  Otherwise, it looks really organized yet random at the same time! 😉

Widgets: 9.5/10

Your widgets are really nice and helpful!  My only suggestions would be to move the calendar a little closer to the top so people can check out your old posts easier, and maybe to make some of your pages into widgets, but we’ll get to that later.

Posts: 9/10

Being a random blog, posts can be really easy to fit to this randomness theme!  Maybe try to make your posts a bit longer?  At least a paragraph or so, so people aren’t just reading a few sentences each post.  But they’re really interesting, so keep up the fun topics!

Pages: 8/10

I think your pages are cute and creative.  Maybe some of them could become widgets (such as Royal Follower of the Week and Copyright.  You could also update your pages and delete comments (optional) to make everything just a bit more organized.  🙂  I also think you should delete the Xat page because you already have it in your welcome post, so there’s no need to make another page.

Overall: 9/10

Your blog is really fun to go to and explore on!  Keep up the great work!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


5 thoughts on “Le Blog of Randomness’s Blog Review

  1. I’m sorry I never like your posts any more. I typically use my phone to go on wordpress to read posts but for some reason it wont let me like or comment on your posts on the app (this only happens with your blog)

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