Blog Renovation

Haha, weird title right?  Sounds like I’m selling a house or something… no?  Nevermind then! xP

Anyways, I appreciate the blog reviews, and I’ve taken all your advice and tried my best to improve the blog for YOUR preferences.  Although I can’t please everyone, so I tried to make it as neat and appealing as possible for both me, and you all looking at my blog.

So, thanks Yuki, for giving me a heads up that I should start posting more about anime and K-Pop, not just life and my blog. xP  I’ll start up on that asap.  I also organized my widgets a little bit more. 🙂

Thanks Kitty for telling me that some of my pages had comments disabled (sorry about that, WP makes me manually check “allow comments” before publishing, so I often forget when I make new pages) as well as giving me advice on my background and widgets!  I took your advice as well. 😉

Thank you both for the review!  Go check out their blogs and give a follow! ;D

Alright, so from what I’ve read, you want me to improve my posts, and basically make them longer but with shorter paragraphs.  And I should probably post more about anime and K-Pop as well.  As for the background, I wanted it to have a gray pattern to match the background on the logo, so here’s three different backgrounds (as well as a different font color).  Tell me in the comments which one you think fits best!

Screenshot (326)
Option 1 (Plaid w/ Black Font)
Screenshot (330)
Option 2 (Plaid w/ Blue Font)
Screenshot (328)
Option 3 (Random Pattern w/ Black Font)
Screenshot (331)
Option 4 (Random Pattern w/ Blue Font)
Screenshot (327)
Option 5 (Checkered w/ Black Font)
Screenshot (329)
Option 6 (Checkered w/ Blue Font)

Personally, I like the ones with blue fonts because it brings out that little pop of color, but as previously mentioned, this blog is for you, so I want to know what you think.  Comment below which one (or few) you like best.  ;P  Thanks!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


12 thoughts on “Blog Renovation

    1. If you go to customize > colors and backgrounds, then there should be a few pallets that come with the theme. Just click one and it should change the color of your titles. It might reset your background, but all you have to do is re-upload the background you had.

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