Yuki’s Dreams Blog Review

First of all, Yuki’s a great person, so go check out her blog here!

*I’m going to try my best, as this is my first time doing a blog review and I’m like extremely amateur-ish and I don’t know how this is going to turn out.*

Theme: 8.5/10

Hm, so judging by your tagline, the blog’s theme is based on anime, k-pop, and dreams?  You’re blog is really nice, and I like all your k-pop posts and pages.  Although, I only see a little bit of anime. 😉  Maybe you could post some more about anime or maybe even stuff about “reaching your dreams” I’m cheesy, don’t listen to that last part.

Appearance: 9/10

I like how the background and header match; they’re also both very nice and simple, which doesn’t draw too much attention away from the content.  I like the butterfly, but I think the coloring is just a little too bright (unless that was your intent) but maybe add little bits of the bright pink in your blog to balance it out a little?

Widgets: 9/10

They’re really organized and I love the dividers.  I think the only thing is, I can’t see the countries.  It’s a cool widget, but it’s kind of small.  And for the music, I don’t know if there’s really any way to fix this, but when I click on different posts and pages, the song starts over from the top, and I find it a little annoying stopping the song in the middle (although that’s not your fault) 😉

Posts: 8/10

Your posts are really interesting!  I think they’re about the right length and it’s nice that you include lots of pictures! (which I don’t lmao).  But like I said earlier, maybe some more anime-related posts?  Although that’s just my opinion (because I love me some anime xD)

Your welcome post could probably be updated.  Does anyone use your Xat?  I’m not trying to be offensive or anything, but if nobody’s using it or comes to your blog specifically for the Xat, you could probably delete it (I had to get rid of mine) because it takes up a lot of space.  The announcements part, you could probably keep, but the content in it at the moment is a little outdated.  I went to the post and I think it said the contest ended on December 25.  //inserts header into slideshow jk jk

Pages: 7.5/10

I love your pages, especially the gifs/selgas.  Although, some of the pages aren’t updated or hardly have any content, so I would suggest deleting them or updating them, including subpages.  The Fantage page (and subpage) doesn’t have much on it, and neither does the Animes page so maybe change them or get rid of them?  I also think the titles are a bit long.  Unless you were purposely making them long, they take up a little too much space and make your whole menu a little too big.

Overall: 8.5/10

I love going to your blog and listening to the music!  It looks really nice and beautiful!  Luv ya, Yuki~chan Bae. xD

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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