Blog Review…?

Alright, so uhm… if I’m not asking too much.. does anyone wanna do a blog review for me WITH suggestions?  I’m sorry to trouble anyone, but I feel like I’m just missing a lil somethin’.

I wanna change the logo to something more original… but at the moment I’m kinda lazy.  And if there’s anything you want me to add or remove, I’d like to know that too.  I’m also extremely bored today.. so, I guess a blog “makeover” is something to occupy my time.

I would do blog reviews, but I’m extremely bad at judging.  I’m super lenient and would probably end up giving everyone a 10/10 lmao.

//In the process of finally drawing Gaara (and drawing requests too)

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

P.S. Anyone got tomorrow off of school? 😛


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