No, I didn’t pass my Japanese finals…







But that’s because we didn’t have them!!! 😀  I was super stressed out for nothing.  Well, of course it’s good that I got my studying done, and now I have more time to study, which is also good!  Everyone in our class thought today was finals!!!

Reason being, the teacher said, “I want to move finals a week earlier because I believe you’re all prepared enough to take them,” which gave us the impression that we would be taking the finals today, the previously mentioned date.  I’m so relieved!

AND she also went over the questions and answers ON THE TEST!!  Which is so nice because now I know what I’m prepared for (we weren’t allowed to take notes while she was telling us the answers of course) but I figured out 99% I didn’t do any real calculations of the questions are the same, that’s right, THE SAME questions and answers on our study guide, which we can look at!  I’m seriously so happy right now.  😉

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

P.S. On another note, what if you were having problems and your mom just made fun of you and laughed (not intentionally to hurt you) just to joke around, and then she got mad at you for getting upset with her? > #RealLifeProblemo_o


12 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. it’s a good thing it wasn’t on that day so you have more time to study! 😀
    before school started, we were sent an email informing us that there’ll be a math test on the first week. I spent an extra hour staring at my math notes only for the teacher to tell us on the first day of school that the test is on the next week ;-;

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