The Sunshine Blogger Awards

Thank you so much talltall9 and fluffypuffypuff for nominating me for this award!  I really appreciate going through everyone’s posts, and I was honestly surprised that you might’ve even considered me your role model!  :O  Anyways, let’s skip the chit chat (reminds me of the Kung Fu Panda ad lmao) and get straight to it!  😀


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from your nominators
  • Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

Talltall9’s Questions

  1. If you quit Fantage, but had a million gold, what would you do with it besides buying items.  If I quit Fantage but had a million gold, I would probably spend about half of it on awesome items so I could give those to my fantage friends, and with the other half put in a giveaway or just donate to needy people.  xP
  2. If you died rich, who would you pass the money down to. You can only pass it down to one person.  Shoot, why one?  xD  Well, I guess my sister, because even though we fight, I think she’s the one person I’d be happiest giving my money to.  I guess it just feels “right” seeing as I love when she’s happy and ya know, she’s my own sister.  😛
  3. Dream item on Fantage? Actually, I’m not sure… I really want Chloe hair because I think it’s really pretty (I honestly don’t care about how popular it is, I just love the way it looks xP).
  4. 9+10? 19 ._.
  5. If your blog reached 10000000 views, what would you do to give back to your followers? Uhm, uhm…. I’m not filthy stinkin’ rich so I’d probably only be able to do like good Fantage item giveaway, gold giveaway, drawing (with copics :O), header, and edit that I would put my life and soul into.  Lmao, well, idk if I’d ever do that. xD  By the time I reach that many views… who knows where I’ll be.  XD

Fluffypuffypuff’s Questions

What is your ideal type? (Sorry for copy paste Yuki. :’))

Hmm… someone funny and who listens to me without complaining about my flaws.  Of course, anyone I can usually get along with or easily forgive… and someone who doesn’t criticize every little thing I do… although nobody’s THAT perfect, I mess up too much lmao.

Did you see the new Star Wars? If not, do you want to see it?

Yes!!  I saw it!!  It was really good! 🙂

Do you love school? SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU DO THAT

I have mixed feelings about school.  ._.  On the one hand, I actually really enjoy learning new things, and I love all my friends; they’re like a second family.  😉  (Bloggers are my family and friends as well!)  But on the other hand, I just think the teachers need to actually realize how much work they’re giving us.  I mean, a little work is ok, but they’re giving us work that keeps us up past midnight, then claim it’s only a little bit and should only take 2-3 hours to do??  Even when I’m TOTALLY FOCUSED I seem to not be able to finish before 12:00 am.  o.o

Are you under 12, over 13, or over 18 years old?


What is your favourite colour?

Pretty much any shade of blue.  If I had to choose an ultimate favorite, I guess it would be the green-ish-blu/teal like in Miku’s hair.  😛  Judge me, I’m weird.

What are you obssessed with?

Many things.  I love anime (not to the extent where I make a fool of myself however…).  K-pop and other music is amazing!!  I also love my bunny (and all animals)!  Books are fabulous (so are manga), and sleeping is bae.  ;D

Nominations aka Who I’m Tagging (I apologize in advance if you’ve already done this or have previously been tagged, because I believe I’m a little bit behind?)

  1. Fantali89
  2. Sarah
  3. Fantage Galaxie
  4. Thunderbeast 22
  5. Fantage Kitty Blog
  6. ColourfulShadows
  7. Emily Sama
  8. 1Cherry13
  9. Gia
  10. Itaruna
  11. Pretty much anyone who wants to self-proclaim themselves nominated.  😉

My Questions for You (I won’t be doing 11, like in the rules… just as many as I can think of.)

  • Do you prefer light or dark?
    • Day or night?
      • Light Side or Dark Side?
        • Sun or moon?
          • Summer or winter?
            • Blazing hot or freezing cold?
  • Do you have a pet?
    • If so, what kind?
      • Dog/Puppy?
        • Cat/Kitten?
          • Rabbit/Bunny?
            • Bird/Parakeet?
              • Hamster/Guinea Pig?
                • Rat/Mouse?
  • What’s your favorite show to watch?
    • Cartoons?
      • Anime?
        • Reality TV?
          • Nature Shows?
            • Educational?
  • How do you fare in school?
    • Stressed?
      • Happy?
        • Perfectly fine?
          • Lazy?
            • Sociable?
              • Teacher’s Pet?
                • Class Clown?
  • What’s your most used everyday supply? (school supply)
    • Pencil?
      • Pen?
        • Marker?
          • Scissors?
            • Tape?
              • Glue?
                • Ruler?
                  • Binder/Folder?
                    • Index/Note Cards?
  • Are you bored of these questions?
    • Yes.
      • No.
        • How bout now?
          • Now?
            • Now??
              • Have you gotten bored yet?
                • Am I spamming you too much?
                  • I’m bored now, bye.
  • Ok, LAST question… did you read the whole post?
    • No.  -.-
      • Yes.
        • Are you going to do the tag?
          • Are you going to nominate more people?
            • Would you ever create a tag/award similar to this?
              • What’s your favorite food?

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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